Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties

Division I.—Formation of Ideas

Section VI.—Extension of Thought
I°. To the Past
  1. Memory (Substantives), remembrance, reminiscence, recognition, anamnesis, retention, retentiveness, readiness, tenacity.
  2. Recurrence, recollection, retrospection, retrospect.

    (Phrase). The tablets of the memory.

    Suggestion 514, hint.

    Token of remembrance: memorial, memento, souvenir, keepsake, relic, reliquary, memorandum, remembrancer, flapper.

    Things to be remembered, memorabilia.

    Art of memory, artificial memory, mnemonics; Mnemosyne.

    (Verbs). To remember, retain, mind, bear or keep in mind, have or carry in the memory, know by heart or by rote; recognise.

    To be deeply impressed, to live, remain, or dwell in the memory, to be stored up, bottled up, to sink in the mind, to rankle, etc.

    (Phrases). To have at one's fingers' ends; manet alta mente repostum; olim meminisse juvabit.

    To occur to the mind 514, recollect, call to mind, bethink oneself, recall, call up, retrace, carry one's thoughts back, look back, rake up, brush up, think upon, call to remembrance, tax the memory.

    To suggest, prompt, hint, recall to mind, put in mind, remind, whisper, call up, summon up, renew, commend to.

    (Phrases). Jog or refresh the memory; pull by the sleeve; bring back to the memory; to lash the memory; to keep the memory alive; to keep the wound green; to reopen old sores; put in remembrance; infandum renovare dolorem; tangere ulcus.

    To say by heart, repeat by rote, say one's lesson, repeat as a parrot.

    To commit to memory, get or learn by heart or rote, memorise, con, con over, repeat, to fix, imprint, impress, stamp, grave, engrave, store, treasure up, bottle up, embalm, enshrine, etc., in the memory; to load, store, stuff, or burden the memory with.

    (Adjectives). Remembering, etc., mindful, remembered, etc., fresh, green, unforgotten, present to the mind, living in, being in, or within one's memory, indelible, ineffaceable, green in remembrance, reminiscential.

    (Epithets). The memory being retentive, ready, correct, exact, faithful, trustworthy, capacious, encyclopèdic.

    (Adverbs). By heart, by rote, memoriter, without book.

  3. Oblivion (Substantives), forgetfulness, amnesia, obliteration 552, a short memory, the memory failing, being in fault, or deserting one, the waters of Lethe, Nepenthe, tabula rasa.
  4. (Verbs). To forget, lose, unlearn, discharge from the memory.

    To slip, escape, fade, die away from the memory, to sink into oblivion.

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