(Adjectives). Thinking, etc., thoughtful, pensive, meditative, reflective, ruminant, introspective, wistful, contemplative, speculative, deliberative, studious, abstracted, introspective, reflex, Platonic, conceptual.

    Close, active, diligent, mature, deliberate, laboured, steadfast, deep, profound, intense, etc., thought, study, reflection, etc.

    Intent, engrossed, absorbed, deep - musing, wrapped, rapt, abstracted; sedate.

    (Phrases). Having the mind on the stretch; the mind or head running upon.

  1. Absence or want of thought.
  2. Incogitancy (Substantives), vacancy, fatuity (see 499), thoughtlessness, see Inattention 458.

    (Verbs). Not to think, to take no thought of, not to trouble oneself about, to put away thought; to dismiss, discard, or discharge from one's thoughts, or from the mind; to drop the subject, set aside, turn aside, turn away from, turn one's attention from, abstract oneself, dream; to indulge in reverie or day-dreams.

    To unbend, relax, divert the mind.

    (Adjectives). Vacant, unintellectual (see 499), unoccupied, unthinking, inconsiderate, thoughtless, idealess, absent, distrait, abstracted, inattentive 458, diverted, distracted, unbent, etc.

    (Phrase). In nubibus.

    Unthought of, unconsidered, incogitable, undreamed, off one's mind.

  3. Object of thought.
  4. Idea (Substantives), notion, conception, concept, thought, fancy, conceit, impression, perception, percept, ideation, image, eidolon, sentiment, see Opinion 484, fantasy, flight of fancy.

    Point of view, light, aspect, field of view, standpoint.

    Fixed idea, see 481, 606.

  5. Subject of thought, nohmata
  6. Topic (Substantives), subject, matter, theme, thesis, text, subject-matter, point, proposition, theorem, business, affair, matter in hand, question, argument, motion, resolution, moot point 461, head, chapter; nice or subtle point, quodlibet.

    (Adverbs). In question, on the carpet, sur le tapis, relative to (see 9), concerning, touching.

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