Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties

Division I.—Formation of Ideas

Section II.—Precursory Conditions and Operations
  1. The desire of knowledge.
  2. Curiosity (Substantives), curiousness, inquisitiveness.

    A quidnunc, Paul Pry, newsmonger, gossip.

    (Verbs). To be curious, etc., to take an interest in, to stare, gape, to lionise.

    (Adjectives). Curious, inquisitive, inquiring, all agog, staring, gaping, agape, over-curious, nosy.

    (Adverbs). With open mouth, on tiptoe, arrectis auribus.

  3. Absence of curiosity.
  4. Incuriosity (Substantives), incuriousness, insouciance, want of interest, indifference.

    (Verbs). To be incurious, etc., to have no curiosity, take no interest in, etc., not to care, not to mind, etc.

    (Phrases). Not to trouble oneself about; the devil may care.

    (Adjectives). Incurious, sans souci, insouciant, uninterested.

  5. Attention (Substantives), advertence, advertency, observance, observation, interest, notice, heed, look, regard, view, remark, inspection, introspection, mindfulness, look - out, watch, vigilance, circumspection, surveillance, consideration, scrutiny, revision, recension, review, revise, particularity, see Care 459.
  6. Close, intense, deep, profound, etc., attention, application, or study.

    (Verbs). To be attentive, etc.; to attend, advert to, mind, observe, look, look at, see, view, look to, see to, remark, heed, notice, spot, twig, take heed, take notice, mark; give or pay attention to; give heed to, have an eye to; turn, apply, or direct the mind, the eye, or the attention to; look after, give a thought to, animadvert on, occupy oneself with, be interested in, devote oneself to, give oneself up to, see about.

    (Phrases). To trouble one's head about; lend or incline an ear to; to take cognisance of; to prick up one's ears; to have one's eyes open.

    To examine cursorily; to glance at, upon, or over; cast or pass the eyes over, run over, turn over the leaves, dip into, skim, perstringe.

    (Phrase). To take a cursory view of.

    To examine closely or intently, scrutinise, consider, give one's mind to, overhaul, pore over, note, mark, inspect, review, have one's eyes open, fix the eye, mind, thoughts, or attention on, keep in view, contemplate, revert to, etc. 451.

    (Phrases). To have one's eyes about one; to bear in mind; to come to the point; to take into account.

    To fall under one's notice, observation, etc., to catch the eye; to catch, awaken, wake, invite, solicit, attract, claim, excite, engage, occupy, strike, arrest, fix, engross, monopolise, preoccupy, obsess, absorb, rivet, etc., the attention, mind, or thoughts; to interest.

    (Adjectives). Attentive, mindful, heedful, regardful, alive to, bearing in mind, occupied with, engaged, taken up with, interested, engrossed, wrapped or rapt in, absorbed.

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