Linear, lineal, longitudinal, oblong.

    (Phrases). As long as my arm; as long as to-day and to-morrow.

    (Adverbs). Lengthwise, longitudinally, in a line, along, from end to end, endways, fore and aft, from head to foot, from top to toe.

  • Shortness (Substantives), brevity, briefness, a span, etc., see Smallness 193.
  • Shortening, abbreviation, abbreviature, abridgment, curtailment, reduction, contraction, compression 195, retrenchment, elision, ellipsis, compendium 596, conciseness (in style) 572.

    (Verbs). To be short, brief, etc.

    To render short, to shorten, curtail, abridge, abbreviate, epitomise, reduce, contract, compress, scrimp, skimp, boil down.

    To retrench, cut short, cut down, pare down, whittle down, clip, dock, lop, poll, prune, crop, bob, shingle, snub, truncate, cut, hack, hew, etc.; (in drawing) to foreshorten.

    (Adjectives). Short, brief, curt, compendious, compact, stubby, skimpy, stumpy, pug, snub.

    Oblate, elliptical.

    Concise 572, summary.

  • Breadth (Substantives), width, latitude, amplitude, diameter, bore, calibre, superficial extent, expanse.
  • Thickness, crassitude 192, thickening, expansion, dilatation, etc. 194.

    (Verbs). To be broad, thick, etc.

    To broaden, to swell, dilate, expand, outspread, etc. 194; to thicken, incrassate.

    (Adjectives). Broad, wide, ample, extended, fan-like, outstretched, etc.

    Thick, dumpy, squab, squat, thick-set.

    (Phrases). Wide as a church door; thick as a rope.

  • Narrowness (Substantives), slenderness, closeness, scantiness, exility, lankness, lankiness, fibrousness.
  • A line 205, a hair's breadth, a finger's breadth, streak, vein.

    Thinness, tenuity, leanness, meagreness.

    A shaving, a slip 205, a mere skeleton, a shadow, an anatomy.

    A middle constriction, stricture, neck, waist, isthmus, wasp, hour-glass, ridge, ravine, defile, gorge, pass.

    Narrowing, coarctation, tapering, compression, squeezing, etc. 195.

    (Phrases). A bag of bones; a living skeleton.

    (Verbs). To be narrow, etc., to taper, contract, shrink.

    To render narrow, etc., to narrow, contract, coarctate, attenuate, constrict, constringe, cramp, pinch, squeeze, compress, tweak, corrugate, warp.

    To shave, pare, shear, etc.

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