(Phrases). Sharp as a needle, as a razor.

  • Bluntness (Substantives), obtuseness, dullness.
  • (Verbs). To be blunt, etc., to render blunt, etc., to obtund, dull, take off the point or edge, turn.

    (Adjectives). Blunt, obtuse, dull, bluff.

  • Smoothness (Substantives), evenness, level, etc. 213, polish, gloss, glossiness, sleekness, slipperiness, lubricity, lubrication 332, down, velvet, enamel, macadam.
  • (Verbs). To smooth, smoothen, plane, polish, burnish, calender, enamel, glaze, iron, file, lubricate, macadamise.

    (Adjectives). Smooth, even, level, plane, sleek, slick, polished, glazed, glossy, sleeky, silken, silky, satiny, velvety, glabrous, slippery, oily, soft, unwrinkled.

    (Phrases). Smooth as glass, as velvet, as satin, as oil; slippery as an eel.

  • Roughness (Substantives), unevenness, asperity, rugosity, ruggedness, scabrousness, salebrosity, scragginess, cragginess, craggedness, corrugation, nodosity, crispness, plumosity, villosity.
  • Arborescence, branching, ramification.

    Brush, bur, beard, nap, shag, whisker, dundreary, mutton-chop, down, goatee, imperial, moustache, feather, plume, crest, tuft, panache, byssus, hair, chevelure, wool, fur, mane, cilia, fringe, fimbriœ, tress, moss, plush, velvet, stubble.

    (Verbs). To be rough, etc.

    To render rough, to roughen, crisp, crumple, corrugate, rumple.

    (Adjectives). Rough, uneven, scabrous, gnarled, rugged, rugose, rugous, salebrous, unpolished, rough- hewn, craggy, cragged, scraggy, prickly, scrubby.

    Arborescent, dendriform, arboriform, branching, ramose, ramulose, dendroid.

    Feathery, plumose, tufted, fimbriated, hairy, ciliated, hirsute, flocculent, bushy, hispid, tomentous, downy, woolly, velvety, villous (or villose), bearded, pilous, shaggy, shagged, stubbly, fringed, befringed, setaceous, filamentous.

    (Phrases). Rough as a bear; like quills upon the fretful porcupine.

  • Notch (Substantives), dent, dint, nick, indent, indentation, dimple.
  • Embrasure, battlement, machicolation, machicoulis, saw, tooth, sprocket, crenelle.

    (Verbs). To notch, nick, cut, dent, indent, dint, jag.

    (Adjectives). Notched, etc., jagged, crenated, crenulated, dented, dentated, denticulated, toothed, palmated, indented, fimbriated, serrated.

  • Fold (Substantives), plication, plait, ply, crease, flexion, flexure, joint, elbow, doubling, duplicature, gather, wrinkle, crow's-foot, rimple, crinkle, crankle, crumple, rumple, rivel, ruck, ruffle, ruche, dog's-ear, corrugation, flounce, pucker, crimp.
  • (Verbs). To fold, double, plicate, plait, crease, wrinkle, crinkle, crankle, curl, cockle up, cocker, rimple, frizz, frizzle, rumple, flounce, rivel, twill, corrugate, ruffle, crimp, crumple, pucker, to turn down, turn under, tuck, ruck.

    (Adjective). Folded, etc.

  • Furrow (Substantives), groove, rut, scratch, streak, stria, crack, score, rib.

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