(Adverbs). Twice, once more, over again, da capo, bis, encore, anew, as much again, twofold 104, 136.

    Secondly, in the second place, again.

  • Division into two parts.
  • Bisection (Substantives), bipartition, dichotomy, halving, dimidiation, bifurcation, forking, branching, ramification, divarication, splitting, cleaving.

    Fork, prong, fold, branch.

    Half, moiety, semi-, demi-, hemi-.

    (Verbs). To bisect, halve, divide, split, cut in two, cleave, dimidiate, dichotomise.

    (Phrases). To go halves; split the difference.

    To separate, fork, bifurcate, branch out, ramify.

    (Adjectives). Bisected, halved, divided, etc., bipartite, bicuspid, bifurcated, bifid, bifurcate, cloven, cleft, split, etc.

  • Triality (Substantives), trinity.1
  • Three, triad, triplet, trey, trio, trinomial, leash, threesome, trefoil, triquetra.

    Third power, cube.

    (Adjectives). Three, triform, trinal, trinomial, tertiary, triquetrous.

  • Triplication (Substantives). triplicity, trebleness, trine.
  • (Verbs). To treble, triple, triplicate, cube.

    (Adjectives). Treble, triple, tern, ternary, ternate, triplicate, trigeminal, threefold, third.

    (Adverbs). Three times, thrice, threefold, in the third place, thirdly.

  • Division into three parts.
  • Trisection (Substantives), tripartition, trichotomy; third part, third.

    (Verbs). To trisect, divide into three parts, take the cube root.

    (Adjectives). Trifid, trisected, tripartite, trichotomous, trisulcate, triform.

  • Quaternity (Substantives), four, tetrad, quartet, quaternion, foursome, square, quadrature, quarter.
  • (Verbs). To reduce to a square, to square.

    (Adjectives). Four, quaternary, quaternal, quadratic, quartile, tetractic, tetra-.

  • Quadruplication.
  • (Verbs). To multiply by four, quadruplicate, biquadrate.

    (Adjectives). Fourfold, quadruple, quadruplicate, fourth.

    (Adverbs). Four times, in the fourth place, fourthly, to the fourth degree.

  • Division into four parts.
  • Quadrisection (Substantives), quadripartition, quartering, a fourth, a quarter.

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