Unchaste, light, wanton, debauched, dissolute, carnal-minded, riggish, incontinent, meretricious, rakish, gallant, dissipated, adulterous, incestuous, bestial.

    (Phrases). On the town; on the streets; who is no better than she should be.

  • A Libertine (Substantives), voluptuary, man of pleasure, rip, rake, debauchee, intrigant, gallant, seducer, fornicator, lecher, satyr, whoremonger, cuckold, paillard, adulterer, a gay Lothario, Don Juan, Bluebeard.
  • A courtesan, hetœra, strumpet, harlot, whore, prostitute, punk, fille de joie, cocotte, lorette, woman of the town, street-walker, Cyprian, miss, piece, the frail sisterhood, the demi-monde, loose fish, demirep, wench, trollop, trull, baggage, hussy, drab, quean, slut, harridan, an unfortunate, Jezebel, Messalina, Delilah, Thais, Aspasia, Phryne, Lais.

    Concubine, odalisque, mistress, doxy, kept woman, hetèra.

    Pimp, pander, souteneur, bawd, procuress.

    (Phrase). A chartered libertine.

5°. Institutions
  • Legality (Substantives), legitimateness, legitimacy; legislature.
  • Law, code, constitution, pan-dect, enactment, edict, statute, rule, order, ordinance, injunction, precept, regulation, by-law, decree, firman, bull, ukase, decretal.

    Legal process, form, formula, formality, rite.

    The arm of the law.

    Science of law: Jurisprudence, Legislation, Codification.

    Equity, common law, lex non scripta, lex scripta, law of nations, international law, jus gentium, civil law, canon law, statute law, lex mercatoria, ecclesiastical law.

    (Verbs). To enact, ordain, enjoin, prescribe, order; to pass a law, issue an edict or decree; to legislate, codify.

    (Adjectives). Legal, according to law, legitimate, constitutional, chartered, vested.

    Legislative, statutable, statutory.

    (Adverb). Legally, etc.

    (Phrase). In the eye of the law.

  • Absence or violation of law.
  • Illegality (Substantives), arbitrariness, antinomy, violence, brute force, despotism, outlawry.

    Mob law, lynch law, club law.

    Vehmgericht, Camorra, Ku Klux Klan, Judge Lynch.

    (Phrases). Le droit du plus fort; argumentum baculinum; the unwritten law.

    Informality, unlawfulness, illegitimacy, bastardy, the bar sinister.

    Smuggling, poaching, simony.

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