Improper, unmeet, unbecoming, unfit, misbecoming, unseemly, preposterous.

    (Phrases). Not being the thing; out of the question, out of court.

  1. Duty (Substantives), what ought to be done; moral obligation, accountableness, accountability, liability, onus, responsibility, bounden duty; dueness; the Decalogue.
  2. Allegiance, fealty, tie, office, function, province, post, engagement 625.

    Morality, morals, conscience, accountableness, conscientiousness.

    (Phrase). "The still small voice within."

    Dueness, to prepon, propriety, fitness, decency, seemliness, decorum.

    (Phrases). The thing; the proper thing; a case of conscience.

    Science of morals: Ethics, Deontology; Moral or Ethical Philosophy, Casuistry, Ethology.

    Observance, fulfilment, discharge, performance, acquittal, satisfaction, redemption, good behaviour.

    (Verbs). To be the duty of, to be due to, to be up to; ought to be; to be incumbent on, to behove, befit, become, beseem, belong to, pertain to, devolve on, to lie on one's head, to owe to oneself.

    (Phrase). To lie at one's door.

    To be, or stand, or lie under the obligation, to be beholden or indebted to, to have to answer for, to be accountable for, to owe it to oneself, to be in duty bound, to be committed to, to be on one's good behaviour.

    To impose a duty or obligation; to enjoin, require, exact, bind, pin down, saddle with, prescribe, assign, call upon, look to, oblige; must be.

    To do one's duty, to enter upon a duty; to perform, observe, fulfil, discharge, adhere to; acquit oneself of, satisfy a duty, etc.

    (Phrases). To be at one's post; to redeem one's pledge; to toe the mark or line; to do justice to.

    (Adjectives). Obligatory, binding, behoving, incumbent on, chargeable on, meet, due to.

    Being under obligation, obliged by, beholden to, bound by, tied by, saddled with, indebted to, in duty bound.

    Amenable, liable, accountable, responsible, answerable, lying on one's head.

    Right, proper, fit, due, seemly, fitting, befitting, decent.

    (Phrases). Quite the thing; one's bounden duty.

    Moral, ethical, casuistical, conscientious.

    (Adverbs). Conscientiously, with a safe conscience; as in duty bound.

    (Phrases). In foro conscientice; quamdiu se bene gesserit.

  3. Dereliction of duty, guilt, etc., see 947.
  4. Exemption (Substantives), freedom, irresponsibility, immunity, liberty, licence, release, exoneration, excuse, dispensation, absolution, franchise, renunciation, discharge.

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