Dolour, sufferance, ache, aching, hurt, smart, cut, twitch, twinge, stitch, shoot, cramp, spasm, nightmare, convulsion, throe, angina.

    Pang, anguish, agony, torture, torment, rack, crucifixion, martyrdom, purgatory, hell 982.

    (Phrases). The cankerworm of care; a peck of troubles; a sea of troubles; the ills that flesh is heir to; the iron entering the soul.

    A sufferer, victim, prey, martyr.

    (Verbs). To feel, suffer, or experience pain, etc.; to suffer, ache, smart, ail, bleed, shoot, twinge, tingle, gripe, wince, writhe.

    To grieve, fret, pine, mourn, bleed, worry oneself, chafe, yearn, droop, sink, give way, despair 859.

    (Phrases). To sit on thorns; to be on pins and needles; to take to heart; to labour under afflictions; to have a thin time; to drain the cup of misery to the dregs; "hœret lateri lethalis arundo."

    (Adjectives). In pain; feeling, suffering, enduring, etc., pain; in a state of pain, of suffering, etc., sore, aching, suffering, ailing, etc., pained, hurt, stung, etc., see 830.

    Displeased, annoyed, dissatisfied, discontented, weary, etc. 832, uneasy, ungratified, uncomfortable, ill at ease.

    Concerned, afflicted, in affliction, sorry, sorrowful, in sorrow, au désespoir, bathed in tears 839.

    Unhappy, unfortunate, hapless, unblest, luckless, unlucky, ill-fated, ill-starred, fretting, wretched, miserable, careworn, carking, disconsolate, inconsolable, woebegone, forlorn, comfortless, a prey to grief, etc., despairing, in despair 859, heart-broken, broken-hearted, the heart bleeding, doomed, devoted, accursed, undone.

  1. Capability of giving pleasure.
  2. Pleasurableness (Substantives), pleasantness, gratefulness, welcomeness, acceptableness, acceptability, agreeableness, delectability, deliciousness, daintiness, sweetness, luxuriousness, lusciousness, voluptuousness.

    Charm, attraction, attractiveness, attractability, fascination, prestige, loveliness, takingness, likableness, invitingness, glamour.

    A treat, dainty, tit-bit, bon-bon, bonne-bouche, sweet, sweetmeat, sugar - plum, nuts, sauce piquante.

    (Verbs). To cause, produce, create, give, afford, procure, offer, present, yield, etc., pleasure, gratification, etc.

    To please, take, gratify, satisfy, indulge, flatter, tickle, humour, regale, refresh, interest.

    To charm, rejoice, cheer, gladden, delight, enliven 836, to transport, captivate, fascinate, enchant, entrance, bewitch, ravish, enrapture, enravish, beatify, enthral, imparadise.

    (Phrase). To do one's heart good; to take one's fancy.

    (Adjectives). Causing or giving pleasure, etc., pleasing, agreeable, grateful, gratifying, pleasant, pleasurable, acceptable, welcome, glad, gladsome, comfortable.

    Sweet, delectable, nice, palatable, dainty, delicate, delicious, dulcet, savoury, toothsome, luscious, luxurious, voluptuous, genial, cordial, refreshing, comfortable, scrumptious.

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