(Phrases). At short notice; the time being up; before the ink is dry; here to-day and gone to-morrow 149; non semper erit œstas; "eheu, fugaces labuntur anni!" "As for man, his days are as grass."

  1. Perpetuity (Substantives), eternity, everness,2 aye, sempiternity, immortality, athanasy, everlastingness, perpetuation.
  2. (Verbs). To last or endure for ever, to have no end; to eternise, perpetuate.

    (Adjectives). Perpetual, eternal, everlasting, sempiternal, coeternal; endless, unending, ceaseless, incessant, unceasing, interminable, having no end, unfading, evergreen, never-fading, amaranthine, ageless, deathless, immortal, undying, never-dying, imperishable, indestructible.

    (Phrase). Stretching to the crack of doom.

    (Adverbs). Always, ever, evermore, aye, for ever, for aye, for evermore, still, perpetually, eternally, etc., in all ages, from age to age, every day.

    (Phrases). For ever and a day; esto perpetua; for ever and ever; world without end; time without end; in secula seculorum; to the end of time; till Doomsday; "rusticus exspectat dum defluat amnis."

  3. Point of time.
  4. Instantaneity (Substantives), instantaneousness, moment, instant, second, minute, twinkling, trice, flash, breath, span, jiffy, flash of lightning, stroke of time, epoch, the twinkling of an eye, suddennness, see 111.

    (Verbs). To twinkle, flash, to be instantaneous, etc.

    (Adjectives). Instantaneous, sudden, momentary, extempore.

    (Phrases). Quick as thought; quick as lightning.

    (Adverbs). Instantly, momentarily, subito, presto, instanter, suddenly, slap-dash, in a moment, in an instant, in a second, in no time, in a trice, in a twinkling, at one jump, in a breath, extempore, per saltum, in a crack, out of hand.

    (Phrases). Before one can say "Jack Robinson"; between the cup and the lip; on the spur of the moment; on the spot; on the instant; in less than no time; no sooner said than done.

  5. Estimation, measurement, and record of time.
  6. Chronometry (Substantives), chronology, horology, horometry, registry, date, epoch, style.

    Almanac, calendar, ephemeris, chronicle, annals, register, journal, diary, chronogram, time-book.

    Instruments for the measurement of time: clock, watch, stop-watch, chronograph, chronometer, sextant, timepiece, dial, sun-dial, horologe, pendulum, hour-glass, clepsydra.

    Chronographer, chronologer, chronologist, annalist.

    (Verbs). To fix or mark the time, date, register, etc., to bear date, to measure time, to beat time, to mark time, to time.

    (Adjectives). Chronological, chronometrical, chronogrammatical, etc., o'clock.

  7. False estimate of time.
  8. Anachronism (Substantives), prolepsis, metachronism, prochronism, parachronism, anticipation.

    (Verbs). To misdate, antedate, postdate, overdate, anticipate.

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