To lay violent hands on, fasten upon, pounce upon, catch, seize, snatch, nip up, whip up, jump at, snap at, hook, claw, clinch, grasp, gripe, grip, grab, clutch, wring, wrest, wrench, pluck, tear away, catch, nab, capture, collar, throttle.

    To take from, deduct, subduct 38, subtract, curtail, retrench, abridge of, dispossess, expropriate, take away from, abstract, deprive of, bereave, divest, disendow, despoil, strip, fleece, levy, distrain, confiscate, sequester, sequestrate, oust, extort, usurp, suck, squeeze, drain, bleed, milk, gut, dry, exhaust.

    (Phrases). To suck like a leech; to be given an inch and take a mile; to sweep the board.

    (Adjectives). Taking, etc., privative, prehensile, predatory, rapacious, raptorial, predial, ravenous.

  • Restitution (Substantives), return, reddition, rendition, restoration, rehabilitation, reinvestment, reparation, atonement.
  • Redemption, recovery, recuperation, release, replevin.

    (Verbs). To return, restore, give back, bring back, render, refund, reimburse, rehabilitate, repair, reinvest.

    To let go, disgorge, regorge, regurgitate.

    (Adjective). Restoring, etc., reparative.

    (Phrase). Suum cuique.

  • Stealing (Substantives), theft, thieving, thievery, appropriation, plagiarism, depredation, pilfering, rape, larceny, robbery, shop-lifting, burglary, house-breaking, abaction (of cattle), kidnapping.
  • Spoliation, plunder, pillage, sack, rapine, brigandage, foray, dragonnade, marauding.

    Peculation, embezzlement, swindling 545, blackmail, chantage, smuggling; thievishness, rapacity, kleptomania; the den of Cacus, Alsatia.

    Licence to plunder, letters of marque.

    (Verbs). To steal, rob, abstract, appropriate, filch, pilfer, purloin, nab, nim, prig, grab, bag, lift, pick, pinch.

    To convey away, carry off, make off with, run or walk off with, abduct, kidnap, crimp, seize, lay violent hands on, etc. 789, abact (of cattle), shanghai.

    To cabbage, crib, sponge, swindle 545, peculate, embezzle, poach, run, smuggle.

    To plunder, pillage, rifle, sack, ransack, burgle, spoil, spoliate, despoil, hold up, strip, fleece, gut, loot, forage, levy blackmail, pickeer, pirate, plagiarise.

    (Phrases). To live by one's wits; to rob Peter to pay Paul; to set a thief to catch a thief.

    (Adjectives). Stealing, etc., thievish, light-fingered, larcenous, stolen, furtive, etc.

  • Thief (Substantives), robber, spoiler, pickpocket, cutpurse, depredator, footpad, highwayman, burglar, house-breaker, shop-lifter; swell mob; the light-fingered gentry; kleptomaniac.
  • Swindler, smuggler, bootlegger, cracksman, sharper, blackleg, shark, trickster, harpy, chevalier d'industrie, peculator, plagiarist, blackmailer, long firm; receiver, fence.

    Brigand, freebooter, bandit, pirate, viking, corsair, buccaneer, thug, dacoit, picaroon, moss-trooper, rapparee, marauder, filibuster, bushranger; Autolycus, Turpin, Macheath, Bill Sikes.

    (Phrase). Homo trium literarum.

  • Booty (Substantives), spoil, plunder, swag, loot, prey, pickings, grab, forage, blackmail, graft, prize.

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