(Verbs). To conduct, carry on, run, transact, execute, carry out, work out, get through, carry through, go through, dispatch, treat, deal with, proceed with, officiate, discharge, do duty, play a part or game, run a race.

    To behave, comport, acquit oneself, demean oneself, carry oneself, hold oneself.

    (Phrases). To turn over a new leaf; to lead the way.

    (Adjectives). Conducting, etc., strategical, businesslike, practical, executive.

  • Direction (Substantives), management, government, bureaucracy, statesmanship, conduct 692, regulation, charge, agency, senatorship, ministry, ministration, managery, directorate, directorship, chairmanship, guidance, steerage, pilotage, superintendence, stewardship, supervision, surveillance, proctorship, state- craft, politics, haute politique, king-craft.
  • Committee, sub-committee, council, cabinet, staff, board 696.

    (Verbs). To direct, manage, govern, guide, conduct, regulate, steer, con, pilot, have or take the direction, take the helm, have the charge of, superintend, overlook, supervise, control, boss, run, preside, hold office, hold the portfolio.

    To head, lead, show the way, etc.

    (Phrase). To pull the wires.

    (Adjective). Directing, etc.; dirigible, etc.

  • Director (Substantives), manager, master 745, prime minister, premier, governor, comptroller, superintendent, matron, supervisor, president, chairman, headman, supercargo, inspector, visitor, monitor, overseer, overlooker, shop-walker, taskmaster, Reis Effendi, official, jack-in-office, bureaucrat, red-tapist, officer 726.
  • Conductor, steersman, pilot, coxswain, guide, cicerone, guard, driver, whip, charioteer, coachman, chauffeur, postilion, vetturino.

    Steward, factor, factotum, bailiff, landreeve, foreman, forewoman, whipper-in, shepherd, proctor, procurator, housekeeper, major-domo, chef.

  • Advice (Substantives), counsel, suggestion, recommendation, hortation, exhortation. dehortation, instruction, charge, monition, admonition, admonishment, caution, warning, expostulation, obtestation, injunction, persuasion.
  • Guidance, helm, cynosure, rudder, lodestar, pole-star, guide, handbook, chart, compass, manual, itinerary, road-book, reference.

    An adviser, senator, counsellor, counsel, consultant, specialist, monitor, mentor, Nestor, guide, teacher 540, physician, leech. doctor.

    Referee, arbiter, arbitrator, referendary, assessor.

    (Verbs). To advise, counsel, give advice, admonish, submonish, caution, warn, forewarn.

    To persuade, dehort, exhort, enjoin, expostulate, charge, instruct.

    To deliberate, consult together, hold a council, etc., confer, call in, refer to, take advice, be closeted with.

    (Phrases). To lay one's heads together; to take counsel of one's pillow.

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