(Verbs). To smuggle, run, poach.

    (Phrases). To take the law into one's own hands; to set the law at defiance; to drive a coach and six through the law.

    (Adjectives). Illegal, unlawful, illicit, illegitimate, injudicial, unofficial, lawless, unauthorised, unchartered, unconstitutional, informal, contraband.

    Arbitrary, extrajudicial, despotic, irresponsible, unanswerable, unaccountable.

    (Phrase). The law being a dead letter.

  • Jurisdiction (Substantives), judicature, soc, administration of justice.
  • Inquisition, inquest, coroner's inquest.

    The executive: Municipality, corporation, magistracy, police, police force.

    Sheriff, officer, constable, policeman, bailiff, tipstaff, bum-bailiff, catchpoll, beadle.

    Sbirro, alguazil, gendarme, lictor, mace-bearer.

    (Adjectives). Juridical, judicial, forensic, municipal, executive, administrative, inquisitorial, causidical.

    (Adverb). Coram judice.

  • Tribunal (Substantives), court, guild, board, bench, judicatory, senate-house, court of law, court of justice, Old Bailey, police-court, justice-seat, judgment-seat, mercy-seat, star-chamber, durbar, city hall, town hall, theatre, bar, dock, forum, hustings, drum-head, woolsack, jury-box, witness-box.
  • Assize, sessions, eyre, court-martial, wardmote, bailiwick.

  • Judge (Substantives), justice, chancellor, magistrate, stipendiary, coroner, arbiter, arbitrator, umpire, referee, jury, Justice of the Peace, J.P., Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice.
  • Mullah, ulema, cadi (or kadi), kavass; police.

    Prosecutor, plaintiff, accuser, appellant.

    Defendant, panel, prisoner, the accused.

  • Lawyer (Substantives), the bar, advocate, counsellor, counsel, king's or queen's counsel, pleader, special pleader, conveyancer, bencher, proctor, civilian, barrister, jurist, jurisconsult, publicist, draughtsman, notary, notary-public, scrivener, attorney, solicitor, marshal, pundit; pettifogger.
  • (Phrases). The gentlemen of the long robe; the learned in the law; a limb of the law; a barrister-at-law.

    (Verbal Phrase). To be called to the bar.

  • Lawsuit (Substantives), suit, action, cause, trial, litigation.
  • Denunciation, citation, arraignment, prosecution, indictment, impeachment, apprehension, arrest, committal, imprisonment, see 751.

    Pleadings, writ, summons, subpœna, plea, bill, affidavit, etc.

    Verdict, sentence, judgment, finding, decree, arbitrament, adjudication, award, plebiscite.

    (Verbs). To denounce, cite, apprehend, sue, prosecute, indict, impeach, attach, distrain; to commit.

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