• Auxiliary (Substantives), assistant, adjuvant, adjunct, adjutant, help, helper, helpmate, colleague, partner, confrère, co-adjutor, co-operator, collaborator, ally, aide-de-camp, accomplice, accessory; votary; midwife.

    Friend 890, confidant, champion, partisan, right hand, stand-by; adherent, particeps criminis, confederate, bottle-holder, second, candle-holder, servant (see 746); fidus Achates.

    (Phrase). Deus ex machina.

  • Party (Substantives), partnership, fraternity, sodality, company, society, firm, house, body, corporation, corporate body, union, association, syndicate, guild, joint concern, faction.
  • Fellowship, brotherhood, sisterhood, communion, community, clan, clanship, club, friendly society, clique, junto, coterie, faction, gang, camarilla, cabal, league, confederacy, confederation, federation; side, esprit de corps; alliance, partisanship.

    Band, staff, crew, set, posse, phalanx, dramatis personœ.

    (Verbs). To unite, join, club together, join forces, federate, co-operate, befriend, aid, etc. 707, cement, form a party, league, etc., to be in the same boat.

    (Adjectives). In partnership, alliance, etc., federal, federated, bonded, banded, linked, cemented, etc., together, embattled.

  • Discord (Substantives), disagreement 24, variance, difference, dissent, dissension, misunderstanding, jar, jarring, clashing, friction, odds, disaccord.
  • Disunion, schism, breach, falling out, rupture, disruption, open rupture, brouillerie, feud, vendetta, contentiousness, litigiousness, strife, contention 720; enmity 889.

    Dispute, controversy, polemics, quarrel, tiff, tracasserie, altercation, imbroglio, bickering, snip-snap, chicanery, squabble, row, brawl, debate 476.

    Litigation, words, war of words, logomachy, wrangling, wrangle, jangle, declaration of war, see Warfare 722.

    Subject of dispute, ground of quarrel, disputed point, a bone to pick, the bone of contention, the apple of discord, casus belli.

    (Verbs). To be discordant, etc., to differ, dissent, disagree, clash, jar, to misunderstand one another.

    To fall out, dispute, controvert, litigate; to quarrel, wrangle, squabble, bicker, spar, jangle, brangle, brawl; to break with; to declare war.

    (Phrases). To be at odds with; to fall foul of; to have words with; to have a bone to pick with; to be at variance with; to join issue; to pick a quarrel with; to live like cat and dog.

    To embroil, entangle, disunite, set against, pit against; to sow dissension, disunion, discord, etc., among.

    (Phrases). To set together by the ears; sow or stir up contention.

    (Adjectives). Discordant, disagreeing, differing, disunited, clashing, jarring, dissentient, sectarian, at variance, controversial.

    Quarrelsome, disputatious, litigious, litigant, factious, pettifogging, polemic, schismatic; unpacified, unreconciled.

    (Phrases). At odds; in hot water; at daggers drawn; up in arms; at sixes and sevens; at loggerheads; together by the ears; a house divided against itself.

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