(Phrases). To look, peer, or pry into every hole and corner; to beat the bushes; to leave no stone unturned; to seek a needle in a bundle of hay; to scratch the head.

    To pursue, hunt, track, trail, mouse, dodge, trace, shadow, dog 622, nose out, hunt up.

    To investigate, take up, follow up, institute, pursue, conduct, carry on, prosecute, etc., an inquiry, etc., to overhaul, to examine, study, consider, fathom, take into consideration, dip into, look into, calculate, pre-examine, dive into, to delve into, rake, rake over, discuss, canvass, thrash out, probe, fathom, sound, scrutinise, analyse, anatomise, dissect, sift, winnow, torture, resolve, traverse, sec into.

    (Phrases). To subject to examination; to grapple with a question; to put to the proof; pass in review; take into consideration; to ventilate a question; seek a clue; throw out a feeler.

    To undergo examination; to be in course of inquiry; to be under consideration.

    To ask, question, query, demand, put, propose, propound, moot, raise, stir, suggest, put forth, start, pop, etc., a question, interrogate, catechise, pump, cross-question, cross-examine, heckle, dodge, require an answer, see 765.

    (Adjectives). Inquiring, etc., inquisitive, requisitive, requisitory, catechetical, inquisitorial, heuristic, analytic, in search of, in quest of, on the look out for, interrogative.

    Undetermined, untried, undecided, to be resolved, etc., in question, in dispute, sub judice, moot, proposed, doubtful.

    (Adverbs). Why? wherefore? whence? quœre? how comes it? how happens it? how is it? what is the reason?

  1. Answer (Substantives), response, reply, replication, riposte, rejoinder, rebutter, retort, repartee, rescript, antiphony, rescription, acknowledgment.
  2. Explanation, solution, deduction, resolution, exposition, rationale, interpretation 522.

    A key, master - key, open sesame, passepartout, clue.

    îdipus, see Oracle 513.

    (Verbs). To answer, respond, reply, rebut, retort, rejoin, return for answer, acknowledge, echo.

    (Phrases). To turn the tables upon; mutato nomine de te fabula narratur.

    To explain, solve, resolve, expound, decipher, spell, interpret 522, to unriddle, unlock, cut the knot, unravel, pick or open the lock, discover, fish up, to find a clue to.

    (Adjectives). Answering, responding, etc., responsive, respondent.

  3. Experiment (Substantives), essay, trial, tentative method, tâtonnement, verification, probation, experimentum crucis, proof, criterion, test, touchstone, pyx, assay, ordeal; empiricism, rule of thumb, method of trial and error.
  4. A feeler, a pilot-balloon, a messenger-balloon; a pilot-engine; a straw to show the wind.

    (Verbs). To essay, try, explore, grope, beat the bushes; feel or grope one's way; to thread one's way; to make an experiment, make trial of.

    To subject to trial, etc., to experiment upon, try over, give a trial to, put, bring, or submit to the test or proof; to prove, verify, test, assay, touch, practise upon.

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