(Adjectives). Narrow, slender, thin, fine, filiform, filamentary, filamentous, fibrous, funicular, capillary, stringy, wiredrawn, fine-spun, anguine, taper, dapper, slim, slight, gracile, scant, spare, delicate.

    Meagre, lean, emaciated, lank, lanky, starveling, attenuated, skinny, scraggy, gaunt, skin and bone, raw- boned, spindle-shanked 193, spidery, spindly, reedy.

    (Phrases). Thin as a lath; thin as a whipping-post; lean as a rake; thin as a thread-paper; thin as a wafer; thin as a shadow.

  • Layer (Substantives), stratum, bed, zone, substratum, slab, escarpment, floor, flag, stage, story, tier.
  • Plate, lamma, lamella, sheet, flake, scale, coat, pellicle, membrane, film, slice, shive, cut, shaving, rasher, board, plank, platter, trencher, spatula, leaf.

    Stratification, scaliness, a nest of boxes, coats of an onion.

    (Verbs). To slice, shave, etc.

    (Adjectives). Lamellar, laminated, lamelliform, laminiferous, scaly, filmy, membranous, flaky, foliated, foliaceous, stratified, stratiform, tabular.

  • Filament (Substantives), line, fibre, fibril, hair, gossamer, wire, thread, cord, rope, yarn, etc. (see 45), cilium, gimp.
  • Strip 51, shred, slip, spill, list, string, band, fillet, fascia, ribbon (or riband); roll, lath, slat, splinter, shiver, shaving; arborescence, see 256; strand.

    A hair-stroke.

    (Adjectives). Filamentary, fibrous, hairy, capillary, thread-like, wiry, funicular, stringy.

  • Height (Substantives), altitude, elevation, eminence, pitch, loftiness, sublimity.
  • Stature, tallness, procerity, culmination, see Summit 210.

    A giant, grenadier, guardsman, colossus, giraffe.

    Alps, mountain, mount, hill, hillock, monticule, fell, moorland, hummock, knap, knoll, cape, headland, foreland, promontory, ridge, arête, pike, uplands, highlands, rising ground, downs, dune, mound, mole, steeps, bluff, cliff, crag, vantage-ground, tor, eagle's nest, crow's nest.

    Orography, Orology.

    Tower, pillar, column, obelisk, monument, steeple, spire, flèche, campanile, minaret, turret, cupola, pilaster, sky-scraper.

    Pole, pikestaff, maypole, flagstaff, topmast, topgallant mast, crow's nest.

    Ceiling, roof, awning, canopy (see 210), attic, loft, garret, housetop.

    Growth, upgrowth 194.

    (Verbs). To be high, etc., to tower, soar, ride, beetle, hover, cap, overtop, culminate, overhang, hang over, impend, overlie, bestride, mount, surmount, to cover 222, perch.

    To render high, to heighten, exalt, see Elevate 307.

    To become high, grow, upgrow, soar, tower, rise 305.

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