(Interjection). Excelsior!

  • Motion downwards.
  • Descent (Substantives), fall, descension, declension, declination, drop, cadence, subsidence, lapse, downfall, tumble, tilt, toppling, trip, lurch, culbute, spill.

    Titubation, shamble, shambling, stumble.

    An avalanche, débâcle, slump.

    The fate of Icarus.

    (Verbs). To descend, go down, fall, sink, drop, drop down, droop, come down, dismount, alight, settle, subside, slide, slip, slither, glissade, toboggan, coast, volplane.

    To stoop, bend, bow, curtsy, bob, bend the head or knee, dip, crouch, cower, lout.

    To recline, lie, lie down, sit, sit down, couch, squat.

    To tumble, slip, trip, stumble, pitch, lurch, swag, topple, topple over, swoop, tilt, sprawl, plump down, measure one's length, heel over, careen 217, slump.

    To alight, dismount, get down.

    (Adjectives). Descending, etc., descendent, decurrent, decursive.

    (Phrase). Nodding to its fall.

    (Adverbs). Downhill, on the down grade.

  • Elevation (Substantives), raising, lifting, erection, lift, uplift, upheaval, upcast.
  • (Verbs). To elevate, raise, lift, uplift, upraise, set up, erect, stick up, rear, uprear, upbear, upcast, hoist, uphoist, heave, upheave, weigh, exalt, give a lift, help up, prick up, perk up.

    To drag up, fish up, dredge.

    (Adjective). Elevated, etc.

    (Adverbs). On stilts, on the shoulders of.

  • Depression (Substantives), lowering, abasement, abasing, detrusion, reduction.
  • Overthrow, upset, prostration, subversion, overset, overturn, precipitation.

    (Verbs). To depress, lower, let down, take down, sink, debase, abase, reduce, detrude, let fall, cast down.

    (Phrase). To take down a peg.

    To overthrow, overturn, upset, overset, subvert, prostrate, level, raze, fell; cast, take, throw, fling, dash, pull, cut, knock, hew, etc., down, to grass, send to grass.

    (Phrase). To pull about one's ears 218.

    (Adjectives). Depressed, sunk, prostrate, etc.

  • Leap (Substantives), jump, hop, spring, bound, vault, saltation.
  • Dance, caper, curvet, caracole, entrechat, gambade, gambado, capriole; hop.

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