To render strong, etc., to give strength, tone, etc., to strengthen, invigorate, brace, fortify, harden, case- harden, steel, gird, screw up, wind up, set up, tone up.

    (Phrase). Set on one's legs.

    To reinforce, refit, recruit, vivify, restore 660, refect, refocillate 689.

    (Adjectives). Strong, mighty, vigorous, robust, sturdy, powerful, puissant, adamantine, invincible, able- bodied, athletic, Herculean, muscular, brawny, sinewy, made of iron, strapping, well-set, well-knit, stalwart, gigantic, irresistible; strengthening, etc., invigorative, tonic.

    Manly, manlike, masculine, male, virile, manful, full-blooded.

    Unweakened, unallayed, unwithered, unshaken, unworn, unexhausted, unrelaxed, undiluted, unwatered, neat.

    (Phrases). Made of iron; strong as a lion, as a horse; sound as a roach; proof against; in fine feather; fit as a fiddle.

    (Adverbs). Strongly, forcibly, etc., by main force, vi et armis, by might and main, tooth and nail, hammer and tongs.

  • Weakness (Substantives), feebleness, debility, atony, relaxation, helplessness, languor, slackness, enervation, nervousness, faintness, languidness, infirmity, emasculation, effeminacy, feminality, femineity, flaccidity, softness, defencelessness.
  • Childhood, etc. 127, 129; orphan, chicken.

    Declension, loss, failure, etc., of strength, invalidation, decrepitude, asthenia, neurasthenia, palsy, paralysis, exhaustion, collapse, prostration, syncope, deliquium, apoplexy, seizure.

    A reed, a thread, a rope of sand, a house of cards.

    (Verbs). To be weak, etc., to droop, fade, faint, swoon, languish, decline, fail, run down, drop, crock; to go by the board.

    To render weak, etc., to weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, deprive of strength, relax, enervate, unbrace, unman, emasculate, castrate, geld, hamstring, disable, unhinge, cripple, cramp, paralyse, maim, sprain, exhaust, prostrate, blunt the edge of, deaden, dilute, water, water down.

    (Adjectives). Weak, feeble, debile, strengthless, nerveless, imbecile, unnerved, relaxed, unstrung, unbraced, enervated, nervous, sinewless, lustless, effeminate, feminine, womanly, unmanned, emasculated, castrated, crippled, maimed, lamed, shattered, broken, halting, shaken, crazy, shaky, paralysed, palsied, paralytic, decrepit, drooping, languid, faint, sickly, flagging, dull, slack, limp, spent, effete, weather - beaten, worn, seedy, exhausted, languishing, wasted, washy, vincible, untenable, laid low, asthenic, neurasthenic, neurotic, rickety, invertebrate, feckless.

    Unstrengthened, unsustained, unsupported, unaided, unassisted, defenceless, indefensible, unfortified, unfortified, unfriended, fatherless, etc.

    (Phrases). On one's last legs; weak as a child, as a baby, as a chicken, as a cat, as water, as water- gruel, as milk and water; good or fit for nothing.

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