(Adverbs). Negatively, virtually, etc.

    (Phrase). In nubibus.

2°. Being in the Concrete
  • Substantiality (Substantives), hypostasis, person, thing, being, something, existence, entity, body, physique, substance, object, article, creature, matter, material, stuff 316, substratum, plenum, protoplasm.
  • Totality of existences, see World 318.

    (Phrase). Something or other.

    (Adjectives). Substantive, substantial, hearty, bodily, tangible, corporal, corporeal, material, objective, hypostatic.

    (Adverbs). Substantially, etc., essentially.

  • Unsubstantiality (Substantives), insubstantiality, nothingness, nihility, nothing, naught, nihil, nil, zero, cipher, nonentity, nobody, see 187.
  • (Phrases). Nothing at all; nothing whatever; nothing on earth; nothing under the sun.

    A desert.

    A shadow, phantom, phantasm, phantasmagoria, dream, mockery, air, thin air, idle dream, idle talk, ignis fatuus, mirage.

    Void, vacuum, vacuity, vacancy, voidness, vacuousness, inanity, emptiness, hollowness, blank, chasm, gap, hiatus 198; empty space.

    (Adjectives). Unsubstantial, immaterial, void, vacant, vacuous, blank, null, inane, idle, hollow, airy, visionary, see 515.

3°. Formal Existence

Internal Conditions

  • Intrinsicality (Substantives), inbeing, immanence, inherence, inhesion, essence; essentiality, subjectiveness, subjectivity, essential part, soul, quintessence, quiddity, gist, pith, core, backbone. marrow; incarnation.
  • Nature, constitution, character, quality 157, crasis, temperament, temper, manner, spirit, habit, humour, grain, endowment, capacity, capability, moods, declensions, features, aspects, specialities, peculiarities 79, particularities, idiosyncrasy, idiocrasy, diagnostics.

    (Verb Phrase). To be in the blood.

    (Adjectives). Derived from within, subjective, intrinsic, intrinsical, inherent, essential, natural, internal, inborn, innate, inbred, engrained, inherited, immanent, indwelling, congenital, connate, hereditary, instinctive, indigenous.

    (Phrases). In the grain; in the blood; bred in the bone.

    Characteristic, peculiar, qualitative, special, diagnostic 79, invariable.

    (Adverbs). Intrinsically, subjectively, at bottom, at the core.

    (Phrase). Rotten at the core.

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