Words Expressing Abstract Relations

Section I.—Existence

1°. Being in the Abstract
  1. Existence (Substantives), being, entity, ens, subsistence, co-existence 106.
  2. Reality, actuality, positiveness, absoluteness, fact, truth, etc. 494; actualisation.

    Science of existence: Ontology.

    Existence in space, 186.

    (Phrases). The sober reality; hard fact; matter of fact; the whole truth.

    (Verbs). To be, to exist, have being, subsist, live, breathe, stand, obtain, occur, prevail, be so, find itself, take place, consist in, lie in.

    To come into existence, arise, come out, emerge, come forth, appear 448.

    To bring into existence, produce, bring forth, discover, etc. 161, objectify.

    (Adjectives). Existing, being, subsisting, subsistent, in being, in existence, extant, living, breathing, obtaining, prevailing, prevalent, current.

    Real, actual, positive, absolute, substantial, substantive, self-existent; undestroyed, tangible, not ideal, not imagined, not supposititious, not potential, virtual, effective, unideal, true, mere, objective.

    (Adverbs, etc.). Actually, really, absolutely, positively, etc., in fact, de facto, ipso facto, in esse.

    (Phrase). In posse.

  3. Inexistence (Substantives), non-existence, nonentity, nihil, nil, non-subsistence, non-existence, nullity, vacuity 4, negativeness, absence 187, removal 185.
  4. Annihilation, abeyance, extinction, see Destruction 162 and Disappearance 449; Absence 187; nirvana.

    Philosophy of non-existence: Nihilism.

    (Phrases). No such thing; day-dream; fata Morgana; mirage; Mrs. Harris; "men in buckram."

    (Verbs). Not to be, not to exist, etc.

    (Phrases). To have no being; to have no existence; to be null and void.

    To cease to be, pass away, perish, vanish, fade away, dissolve, melt away, disappear 449, to be annihilated, extinct, etc., to die 360, to die out.

    (Phrases). To be no more; "to leave not a rack behind"; "disappear into thin air"; to be brought out of existence.

    (Adjectives). Inexistent, non-existent, non-existing, etc., negative, blank, absent.

    Unreal, potential, virtual, baseless, unsubstantial 4, imaginary, ideal, vain, fanciful, unpractical, shadowy, supposititious.

    Unborn, uncreated, unbegotten.

    Annihilated, destroyed, extinct, gone, lost, perished, melted, dissolved, faded, exhausted, vanished, missing, disappeared, departed, defunct 360.

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