Included, merged, etc.

    (Phrase). Birds of a feather.

  • Exclusion from a class (Substantives),1 rejection, etc., proscription, nobody.
  • Exclusion from a compound 55.

    (Verbs). To be excluded from etc.; to exclude, proscribe, etc., to set apart.

    (Phrase). To shut the door upon.

    (Adjectives). Exclusive, excluding, etc.

  • Generality (Substantives), universality, catholicism, catholicity.
  • Every, every man, everyone, everybody, all, all hands, to a man.

    (Phrases). The world and his wife; "All people that on earth do dwell."

    Miscellaneousness, miscellany, encyclopèdia, generalisation, prevalence, drag-net.

    (Verbs). To be general, common, or prevalent, to prevail.

    To render general, to generalise.

    (Adjectives). General, generic, collective, comprehensive, encyclopèdic, sweeping, radical, universal, world-wide, cosmopolitan, catholic, common, œcumenical, transcendental, prevalent, prevailing, all-pervading, all-inclusive.

    Unspecified, impersonal.

    (Adverbs). Whatever, whatsoever, generally, universally, on the whole, for the most part.

  • Speciality (Substantives), specialité, particularity, individuality, peculiarity, individuality, personality, propria persona, characteristic, mannerism, idio-syncrasy, trick, specificness, specificity, singularity 83, thisness.
  • Version, reading 522.

    Particulars, details, items, counts.

    (Phrases). Argumentum ad hominem; local colour.

    I, myself, self, I myself, moi qui vous parle.

    (Verbs). To specify, particularise, individualise, realise, specialise, designate, determine.

    (Phrases). To descend to particulars; to enter into detail.

    (Adjectives). Special, particular, individual, specific, proper, personal, private, respective, definite, determinate, especial, certain, esoteric, endemic, partial, party, peculiar, characteristic, typical, unique, diagnostic, exclusive, sui generis, singular, exceptional 83. This, that, yonder, yon, such and such.

    (Adverbs). Specially, specifically, etc., in particular, respectively, personally, individually, in propria persona, ad hominem.

    Each, apiece, one by one, severally, seriatim, videlicet, viz., to wit.

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