A map, chart, plan 554.

    (Verbs). To be situated, to lie, to have its seats in.

    (Adjectives). Local, topical, situate.

    (Adverbs). In situ, here and there, passim, whereabouts.

  • Location (Substantives), localisation, lodgment, deposition, reposition, stowage, establishment, settlement, fixation, grafting, insertion 300, lading, encampment, billet, installation.
  • A colony, settlement, cantonment.

    A habitation, residence, dwelling 189.

    (Phrases). Genius loci; the spirit of the place.

    (Verbs). To place, situate, locate, localise, put, lay, set, seat, station, lodge, post, instal, house, stow, establish, fix, root, plant, graft, stick in, tuck in, insert, wedge in, shelve, pitch, camp, posit, deposit, reposit, cradle, encamp, moor, pack, embed, vest, stock, populate, people, colonise, domicile.

    To billet on, quarter upon.

    To pocket, put up, bag, load.

    To inhabit, reside 186, domesticate, put up at, colonise.

    (Phrase). To pitch one's tent.

    (Adjectives). Placed, located, etc., situate, situated, posited, nestled, embosomed, housed, moored, rooted, unremoved.

  • Displacement (Substantives), dislodgment, eviction, ejectment 297, deportation, exile.
  • Removal, remotion, transposition, etc., relegation, see Transference 270 and Exhaustion 638.

    (Verbs). To displace, dislodge, unhouse, unkennel, break bulk, take off, eject, evict, chuck out, hoof out, expel, etc. 297, exile, relegate, oust, ostracise, remove, transfer, transpose, transplant, transport 270, empty, clear, clear out, sweep off, sweep away, do away with, get rid of, root out, disestablish, unpeople, depopulate.

    To vacate, leave 293, get out, heave out, bale, lade, pour out 297.

    (Phrase). To make a clean sweep of.

    (Adjectives). Displaced, etc., unhoused, houseless.

3°. Existence in Space
  • Presence (Substantives), occupancy, occupation, attendance, whereness.
  • Diffusion, permeation, pervasion, dissemination 73.

    Ubiquity, ubiety, ubiquitousness, omnipresence.

    (Verbs). To exist in space, to be present, attend, remain.

    To occur in a place, lie, stand, occupy, colonise.

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