Words Expressing Abstract Relations

Section VI.—Time

1°. Absolute Time
  1. Duration (Substantives), period, term, space, span, spell, season, era, decade, century, chiliad, èon.
  2. Intermediate time, while, interval, interim, pendency, intervention, intermission, interregnum, interlude, intermezzo, entr'acte, intermittence, respite 265.

    Long duration 110.

    (Verbs). To continue, last, endure, remain, to take, take up, fill or occupy time, to persist, to intervene.

    To pass, pass away, spend, employ, while away or consume time, waste time.

    (Adjectives). Continuing, lasting, enduring, remaining, persistent, perpetual, permanent 150.

    (Adverbs). While, whilst, so long as, during, or pending, till, until, up to, during the time or interval, the whole time, or period, all the time or while, in the long run, all along, throughout, from beginning to end, from alpha to omega.

    (Phrases). Ab ovo usque ad mala; from first to last.

    Pending, meantime, meanwhile, in the meantime, in the interim, ad interim, pendente lite, from day to day, de die in diem, for a time, for a season, for good, yet, up to this time.

  3. Neverness1 (Substantives), absence of time, no time.
  4. Short duration 111.

    (Adverbs). Never, ne'er, at no time, on no occasion, at no period, nevermore, sine die, dies non.

    (Phrases). On Tib's eve; on the Greek Calends; "at the coming of the Coquecigrues"; "jam every other day."

  5. Definite duration, or portion of time.
  6. Period (Substantives), second, minute, hour, day, week, month, quarter, year, leap-year, lustrum, quinquennium, decade, lifetime, generation, lunation, light-year.

    Century, age, millennium, annus magnus, annus mirabilis.

    (Adjectives). Hourly, horary; daily, diurnal, quotidian; weekly, hebdomadal, menstrual, monthly, annual, secular, centennial, bicentennial, etc., bissextile, seasonal.

    (Adverbs). From day to day, day in, day out; de die in diem, from hour to hour, etc., then, till, until, up to.

    Once upon a time; Anno Domini, A.D.; Before Christ, B.C.

  7. Contingent Duration.
  8. During pleasure, during good behaviour, quamdiu se bene gesserit.

  9. Indefinite duration.
  10. Course (Substantives), progress, process, succession, lapse, flow, flux, stream, tract, current, tide, march, step, flight, etc., of time.

    (Phrases). The scythe of time; the glass of time.

    Indefinite time, aorist.

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