Careful to Catch

Careful, a.

    1. (Rare.) Anxious, solicitous, concerned, troubled, uneasy.
    2. Heedful, attentive, thoughtful. See provident.
    3. Watchful, cautious, circumspect, vigilant.

Careless, a.

    1. Unperplexed, undisturbed, untroubled, free from care, without anxiety, unsolicitous.
    2. Heedless, thoughtless, inattentive, unconcerned, unmindful, incautious, unthinking, forgetful, remiss, listless, supine, regardless, neglectful, negligent.
    3. Unconsidered, inconsiderate.

Carelessness, n. Thoughtlessness, heedlessness, inattention, inadvertence, inconsiderateness, remissness, listlessness, negligence, neglect, unconcern, supineness.

Caress, v. a. Fondle, embrace, hug, pet, kiss, coddle, cosset, treat with fondness.

Caress, n. Embrace, kiss, expression of affection.

Caressing, n. Fondling, endearment, blandishment, billing and cooing.

Cargo, n. Lading, freight, load, burden or burthen.

Caribou, n. American reindeer.

Caricature, n. Travesty, parody, farce, burlesque, ludicrous representation, take-off (colloq.).

Caricature, v. a. Burlesque, travesty, parody, take off (colloq.).

Caries, n. [L.] (Med.) Ulceration (of a bone), cariosity.

Cariosity, n. See caries.

Carious, a. Ulcerated (as a bone), decayed, mortified, rotten, putrid.

Cark, n. and v. n. See care, n. and v. n.

Cark, v. a. Fret, worry, perplex, harass, grieve, annoy.

Carking, a. Distressing, worrying, grievous, wearing.

Carle, n. Churl, clown, boor, lout, clumsy rustic, bumpkin.

Carlock, n. Fish-glue (made from the bladder of the sturgeon), isinglass, ichthyocol, ichthyocolla.

Carminative, a. Warming, antispasmodic.

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