Table of contents
Cabal to Camarilla  
Camber to Care for  
Careful to Catch  
Catch to Certainty  
Certificate to Chastity  
Chat to Chore  
Chouse to Clash  
Clashing to Clog  
Cloister to Cœliac passion  
Coequal to Combustion  
Come to Communication  
Communicative to Compotation  
Compound to Concurrence  
Concurrent to Confutation  
Confute to Consonant  
Consort to Contract  
Contraction to Copy  
Copy to Counterfeit  
Counterfeit to Craniognomy  
Craniology to Crotch  
Crotchet to Czarowitz  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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