Carafe, n. Water-bottle, water-cooler.

Caramel, n. Burnt sugar.

Caravansary, Caravansera, n. Tavern (in the East), khan, inn, public-house, house of entertainment.

Carbonate of ammonia. Sal-volatile, smelling-salts, sesqui-carbonate of ammonia.

Carbonic acid. Choke-damp, fixed air, foul air, mephitic air, carbonic-acid gas.

Carbonize, v. a. Convert into carbon.

Carcass, n.

    1. Dead body (of an animal), corpse, corse.
    2. Body (in contempt or ridicule).
    3. Mere framework.

Cardiac, n. (Med.) Cordial.

Cardialgia, Cardialgy, n. (Med.) Heart-burn, cardiac passion.

Cardinal, a. Principal, chief, main, leading, most important, essential, capital, central, vital.

Cardinal-bird, n. Cardinal-grosbeak, Virginian nightingale, scarlet grosbeak, red-bird (Fringilla cardinalis, Cardinalis Virginianus).

Cardinal-flower, n. Scarlet lobelia (Lobelia cardinalis).

Cardinal-grosbeak, n. Cardinal-bird, scarlet grosbeak, red-bird, Virginian nightingale.

Cardinal points. East, west, north, and south; the four points of the compass.

Cardinal virtues. Prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude.

Carditis, n. (Med.) Inflammation of the heart.

Care, n.

    1. Anxiety, solicitude, concern, trouble, perplexity, worry (colloq.).
    2. Caution, heed, regard, attention, circumspection, carefulness, watchfulness, vigilance.
    3. Charge, oversight, superintendence, direction, management.
    4. Object of care, charge, burden.

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