Catch to Certainty

Catch, v. n.

    1. Lay hold, take hold, hold.
    2. Get entangled, hitch.
    3. Be contagious, be communicated, spread by infection.

Catch, n.

    1. Seizure See capture.
    2. Snatch, short effort.
    3. Clasp, hook. See hasp.
    4. (Mus.) Humorous round, comic rondo.
    5. Quantity (of fish caught), amount caught, catching, take.

Catch at.

    1. Grasp at, try to seize, snatch at, snap at.
    2. Be eager to get, be eager for, snatch at, snap at, jump at.

Catchfly, n. Flybane.

Catching, n.

    1. Seizure, capture, arrest, apprehension.
    2. Catch, take.

Catching, a.

    1. Infectious, contagious, pestilential, pestiferous.
    2. Captivating, taking, charming, attractive, winning, winsome, enchanting, fascinating.

Catch tripping. Find at fault, find in error.

Catch-weed, n. Goose-grass, cleavers.

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