Camber to Care for

Camber, n. Convexity, arch, arching, rounding up, swell, curve.

Camber, v. a. Arch, bend, curve (especially a ship’s planks).

Cambist, n. Expert in exchange, skilled banker.

Cambistry, n. Science of exchange.

Camboose, n. See caboose.

Cambrian, a. Welsh, Cymric.

Cambrian, n. Welshman, Cambro-Briton, Cymro.

Cambro-Briton, n. Cambrian, Welshman, Cymro.

Camel-backed, a. Hump-backed.

Camel-bird, n. Ostrich.

Camelopard, n. Giraffe.

Camerated, a.

    1. Arched, vaulted, bowed.
    2. (Conch.) Partitioned, chambered.

Camp, n. Encampment.

Camp, v. n. Encamp, pitch one’s tent, pitch a camp.

Campanile, n. Belfry, bell-tower.

Campanula, n. Bell-flower.

Campanulate, a. Bell-shaped.

Campeachy wood. Logwood ( Hæmatoxylon campechianum).

Can, v. n.

    1. Be able to, have power to.
    2. Be possible to.

Canada balsam. Balsam of fir, Canada turpentine.

Canada snakeroot. Wild ginger.

Canaille, n. [Fr.] Populace, rabble, mob, riffraff, the vulgar, the crowd, vulgar herd, the ignoble vulgar, low people, lowest class of people, the multitude, the million, scum of society, dregs of society, ignobile vulgus, rag-tag, tag-rag, tag-rag and bobtail.

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