Sweet scabious. (a) Mourning bride. (b) A daisylike plant (Erigeron annuus) having a stout branching stem.

(Scab"ling) n. [See Scapple.] A fragment or chip of stone. [Written also scabline.]

(Sca*bred"i*ty) n. [L. scabredo, fr. scaber rough.] Roughness; ruggedness. [Obs.] Burton.

(Sca"brous) a. [L. scabrosus, fr. scaber rough: cf. F. scabreux.]

1. Rough to the touch, like a file; having small raised dots, scales, or points; scabby; scurfy; scaly. Arbuthnot.

2. Fig.: Harsh; unmusical. [R.]

His verse is scabrous and hobbling.

(Sca"brous*ness), n. The quality of being scabrous.

(Scab"wort`) n. (Bot.) Elecampane.

(Scad) n. [Gael. & Ir. sgadan a herring.] (Zoöl.) (a) A small carangoid fish (Trachurus saurus) abundant on the European coast, and less common on the American. The name is applied also to several allied species. (b) The goggler; — called also big-eyed scad. See Goggler. (c) The friar skate. [Scot.] (d) The cigar fish, or round robin.

(Scaf"fold) n. [OF. eschafault, eschafaut, escafaut, escadafaut, F. échafaud; probably originally the same word as E. & F. catafalque, It. catafalco. See Catafalque.]

1. A temporary structure of timber, boards, etc., for various purposes, as for supporting workmen and materials in building, for exhibiting a spectacle upon, for holding the spectators at a show, etc.

Pardon, gentles all,
The flat, unraised spirits that have dared
On this unworthy scaffold to bring forth
So great an object.

2. Specifically, a stage or elevated platform for the execution of a criminal; as, to die on the scaffold.

That a scaffold of execution should grow a scaffold of coronation.
Sir P. Sidney.

3. (Metal.) An accumulation of adherent, partly fused material forming a shelf, or dome-shaped obstruction, above the tuyères in a blast furnace.

(Scab"ble) v. t. See Scapple.

(Scab"by) a. [Compar. Scabbier ; superl. Scabbiest.]

1. Affected with scabs; full of scabs.

2. Diseased with the scab, or mange; mangy. Swift.

(||Sca"bi*es) n. (Med.) The itch.

(Sca"bi*ous) a. [L. scabiosus, from scabies the scab: cf. F. scabieux.] Consisting of scabs; rough; itchy; leprous; as, scabious eruptions. Arbuthnot.

(Sca"bi*ous), n. [Cf. F. scabieuse. See Scabious, a.] (Bot.) Any plant of the genus Scabiosa, several of the species of which are common in Europe. They resemble the Compositæ, and have similar heads of flowers, but the anthers are not connected.

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