Table of contents
S to Saccharum  
Saccholactate to Sacrifice  
Sacrificer to Safe-conduct  
Safeguard to Sagoin  
Sagum to Sake  
Saker to Salify  
Saligenin to salsuginous  
Salt to Salutation  
Salutatorian to Samson  
Sanability to Sandal  
Sandaled to Sanitation  
Sanity to Sapphire  
Sapphirine to Sarlac  
Sarmatian to Satisfaction  
Satisfactive to Sault  
Saunders to Savor  
Savorily to Saying  
Sayman to Scale  
Scaleback to Scandent  
Scandia to Scarce  
Scarcement to Scaur  
Scavage to Schiller  
Schillerization to Schoolman  
Schoolmaster to Scioptics  
Scioptric to Scolex  
Scoley to Scoria  
Scoriac to Scour  
Scourage to Scraping  
Scrappily to Screw  
Screw-cutting to Scrotocele  
Scrotum to Sculpin  
Sculptile to Scutibranchiata  
Scutibranchiate to Sea coal  
Seacoast to Sea louse  
Seam to Search  
Searchable to Seawan  
Seawand to Secondary  
Second-class to Sectionalize  
Sectionally to Sedimentary  
Sedimentation to Seek  
Seeker to Segmentation  
Segmented to Selective  
Selectman to Self-degradation  
Self-delation to Self-sacrifice  
Self-sacrificing to Semicentennial  
Semichaotic to Semirecondite  
Semiring to Senna  
Sennachy to Sensitive  
Sensitivity to Sentry  
Senza to Septifolious  
Septiform to Seraph  
Seraphic to Sermonet  
Sermonic to Serve  
Server to Sessile  
Sessile-eyed to Set  
Seta to Settle  
Settledness to Severy  
Sevocation to Shabbiness  
Shabble to Shad-waiter  
Shady to Shall  
Shalli to Shanked  
Shanker to Sharp  
Sharp-cut to Shear  
Shearbill to Sheep-faced  
Sheepfold to Shell  
Shell-lac to Shield  
Shield-bearer to Shiner  
Shiness to Shire  
Shirk to Shoe  
Shoebill to Shore  
Shoreless to Shough  
Should to Showily  
Showiness to Shrink  
Shrinkage to Shunt  
Shunter to Sick  
Sick-brained to Siderealize  
Sidereous to Sight  
Sighted to Signer  
Signet to Silicispongiæ  
Silicited to Silver  
Silverback to Simple  
Simple-hearted to Sincerity  
Sinch to Singly  
Sing-sing to Sinque  
Sinsring to Sire  
Siredon to Sited  
Sitfast to Sizing  
Sizy to Skew  
Skewbald to Skinker  
Skinless to Skunk  
Skunkball to Slander  
Slanderer to Slave  
Slaveborn to Sleer  
Sleet to Slider  
Sliding to Slip  
Slipboard to Sloth  
Slothful to Sluice  
Sluiceway to Small  
Smallage to Smerk  
Smerlin to Smoke  
Smoke-dry to Smut  
Smutch to Snaphead  
Snapper to Snick  
Snicker to Snow  
Snowball to So  
Soak to Social  
Socialism to Soft  
Softa to Solar  
Solarium to Solen  
Solenacean to Soliloquy  
Soliped to Solvent  
Solver to Somniculous  
Somniferous to Sooshong  
Soosoo to Sora  
Sorance to Sorry  
Sors to Soul  
Souled to Sourde  
Souring to Sow  
Sowans to Spanæmia  
Spanæmic to Spare  
Spareful to Spatial  
Spatially to Special  
Specialism to Spectacled  
Spectacular to Speed  
Speeder to Sperable  
Sperage to Sphenotic  
Spheral to Spicose  
Spicosity to Spin  
Spina bifida to Spiræic  
Spiral to Spiritualism  
Spiritualist to Splasher  
Splashy to Split  
Splitfeet to Spongiopilin  
Spongiose to Sport  
Sportability to Sprat  
Sprawl to Spring  
Springal to Spun  
Spunge to Squab  
Squabash to Square  
Squarely to Squib  
Squid to Stable  
Stableboy to Stageplay  
Stageplayer to Stale  
Stalely to Stammering  
Stamp to Stand  
Standage to Stanza  
Stanzaic to Stark  
Starkly to Starwort  
Stasimon to Station  
Stational to Stay  
Stayed to Steam  
Steamboat to Steep  
Steep-down to Stem  
Stem-clasping to Stercobilin  
Stercolin to Sternal  
Sternbergite to Stick  
Sticked to Stigma  
Stigmaria to Stimulant  
Stimulate to Stipule  
Stipuled to Stock  
Stockade to Stomatiferous  
Stomatitis to Stool  
Stoolball to Store  
Stored to Stove  
Stovehouse to Strain  
Strainable to Strangulation  
Strangurious to Streak  
Streaked to Stress  
Stressful to Strife  
Strifeful to String  
Stringboard to Stroke  
Stroker to Struggle  
Struggler to Studied  
Studiedly to Stump  
Stumpage to Styca  
Stycerin to Subaërial  
Subagency to Subdual  
Subduce to Subjected  
Subjection to Submental  
Submentum to Subpœna  
Subpœnal to Subsistence  
Subsistency to Subtepid  
Subterete to Subverse  
Subversion to Succorer  
Succorless to Sudation  
Sudatorium to Suffocate  
Suffocating to Suillage  
Suilline to Sulphide  
Sulphinate to Sum  
Sumac to Sunbonnet  
Sunbow to Superannuate  
Superannuation to Superintend  
Superintendence to Superseminate  
Supersemination to Supple-jack  
Supplely to Supposition  
Suppositional to Surbed  
Surbet to Surge  
Surgeful to Surrender  
Surrenderee to Suscitation  
Suslik to Sustenance  
Sustentacle to Swallow  
Swallower to Swartiness  
Swartish to Swedenborgian  
Swedenborgianism to Sweinmote  
Swell to Swim  
Swimbel to Switch  
Switchel to Sycophantize  
Sycophantry to Symbolizer  
Symbological to Synagogical  
Synagogue to Synentognathi  
Synepy to Syphilis  
Syphilitic to Syzygy  

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