Scaleboard plane, a plane for cutting from a board a wide shaving forming a scaleboard.

(Scaled) a.

1. Covered with scales, or scalelike structures; — said of a fish, a reptile, a moth, etc.

2. Without scales, or with the scales removed; as, scaled herring.

3. (Zoöl.) Having feathers which in form, color, or arrangement somewhat resemble scales; as, the scaled dove.

Scaled dove(Zoöl.), any American dove of the genus Scardafella. Its colored feather tips resemble scales.

(Scale"less) a. Destitute of scales.

(Sca*lene") a. [L. scalenus, Gr. : cf. F. scalène.]

1. (Geom.) (a) Having the sides and angles unequal; — said of a triangle. (b) Having the axis inclined to the base, as a cone.

2. (Anat.) (a) Designating several triangular muscles called scalene muscles. (b) Of or pertaining to the scalene muscles.

Scalene muscles(Anat.), a group of muscles, usually three on each side in man, extending from the cervical vertebræ to the first and second ribs.

(Sca*lene"), n. (Geom.) A triangle having its sides and angles unequal.

(Sca*le`no*he"dral) a. (Crystallog.) Of or pertaining to a scalenohedron.

(Sca*le`no*he"dron) n. skalhno`s uneven + "e`dra seat, base.]—> (Crystallog.) A pyramidal form under the rhombohedral system, inclosed by twelve faces, each a scalene triangle.

(Scal"er) n. One who, or that which, scales; specifically, a dentist's instrument for removing tartar from the teeth.

(Scale"-winged`) a. (Zoöl.) Having the wings covered with small scalelike structures, as the Lepidoptera; scaly-winged.

(Scal"i*ness) n. The state of being scaly; roughness.

Scaleback to Scandent

(Scale"back`) n. (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of marine annelids of the family Polynoidæ, and allies, which have two rows of scales, or elytra, along the back. See Illust. under Chætopoda.

(Scale"beam`) n.

1. The lever or beam of a balance; the lever of a platform scale, to which the poise for weighing is applied.

2. A weighing apparatus with a sliding weight, resembling a steelyard.

(Scale"board`) n. [3d scale + board.]

1. (Print.) A thin slip of wood used to justify a page. [Obs.] Crabb.

2. A thin veneer of leaf of wood used for covering the surface of articles of furniture, and the like.

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