Band saw, Crosscut saw, etc. See under Band, Crosscut, etc.Circular saw, a disk of steel with saw teeth upon its periphery, and revolved on an arbor.Saw bench, a bench or table with a flat top for for sawing, especially with a circular saw which projects above the table.Saw file, a three-cornered file, such as is used for sharpening saw teeth.Saw frame, the frame or sash in a sawmill, in which the saw, or gang of saws, is held.Saw gate, a saw frame.Saw gin, the form of cotton gin invented by Eli Whitney, in which the cotton fibers are drawn, by the teeth of a set of revolving circular saws, through a wire grating which is too fine for the seeds to pass.Saw grass (Bot.), any one of certain cyperaceous plants having the edges of the leaves set with minute sharp teeth, especially the Cladium Mariscus of Europe, and the Cladium effusum of the Southern United States. Cf. Razor grass, under Razor.Saw log, a log of suitable size for sawing into lumber.

Savorily to Saying

(Sa"vor*i*ly) adv. In a savory manner.

(Sa"vor*i*ness), n. The quality of being savory.

(Sa"vor*less), a. Having no savor; destitute of smell or of taste; insipid.

(Sa"vor*ly), a. Savory. [Obs.]

(Sa"vor*ly), adv. In a savory manner. [Obs.] Barrow.

(Sa"vor*ous) a. [Cf. F. savoureux, OF. saveros, L. saporosus. Cf. Saporous, and see Savor, n.] Having a savor; savory. [Obs.] Rom. of R.

(Sa"vor*y) a. [From Savor.] Pleasing to the organs of taste or smell. [Written also savoury.]

The chewing flocks
Had ta'en their supper on the savory herb.

(Sa"vo*ry) n. [F. savorée; cf. It. santoreggia, satureja, L. satureia,] (Bot.) An aromatic labiate plant much used in cooking; — also called summer savory. [Written also savoury.]

(Sa*voy") n. [F. chou de Savoie cabbage of Savoy.] (Bot.) A variety of the common cabbage having curled leaves, — much cultivated for winter use.

(Sav`oy*ard") n. [F.] A native or inhabitant of Savoy.

(Saw) imp. of See.

(Saw), n. [OE. sawe, AS. sagu; akin to secgan to say. See Say, v. t. and cf. Saga.]

1. Something said; speech; discourse. [Obs.] "To hearken all his sawe." Chaucer.

2. A saying; a proverb; a maxim.

His champions are the prophets and apostles,
His weapons holy saws of sacred writ.

3. Dictate; command; decree. [Obs.]

[Love] rules the creatures by his powerful saw.

(Saw), n. [OE. sawe, AS. sage; akin to D. zaag, G. säge, OHG. sega, saga, Dan. sav, Sw. såg, Icel. sög, L. secare to cut, securis ax, secula sickle. Cf. Scythe, Sickle, Section, Sedge.] An instrument for cutting or dividing substances, as wood, iron, etc., consisting of a thin blade, or plate, of steel, with a series of sharp teeth on the edge, which remove successive portions of the material by cutting and tearing.

Saw is frequently used adjectively, or as the first part of a compound.

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