haul over the coals; to give a rap on the knuckles; to pull to pieces; to cut up; to cast in one's teeth; to abuse like a pickpocket; to speak or look daggers; to rail in good set terms; to give it one hot; to throw mud; to call names; not to mince matters.

    To incur blame; to excite disapprobation; to scandalise, shock, revolt.

    (Phrases). To forfeit the good opinion of; to catch it.

    To take blame; to stand corrected.

    (Adjectives). Disapproving, etc., disparaging, condemnatory, damnatory, reproachful, abusive, objurgatory, clamorous, vituperative, dyslogistic.

    Censorious, critical, carping, satirical, sarcastic, cynical, dry, hypercritical, captious; sharp, cutting, mordant, biting, severe, scathing; squeamish, fastidious, strait-laced, etc. 868.

    (Phrases). Omnia suspendens naso; sparing of praise; grudging praise.

    Disapproved, etc., unapproved, blown upon, unblest, unlamented, unbewailed, etc.

    Worthy of blame, uncommendable, exceptionable, see 649, 945.

    (Interjections). Out upon it! O tempora, O mores! shame!

  • Flattery (Substantives), adulation, sycophancy, blandishment, cajolery, fawning, wheedling, coaxing, flunkeyism, toad-eating, toadyism, back-scratching, blandiloquence.
  • Incense, honeyed words, flummery, soft sawder, soft soap, blarney.

    (Verbs). To flatter, wheedle, cajole, fawn upon, coax 615, humour, gloze, butter, toady, sugar, bespatter, beslaver, earwig, cog, truckle to, pander to, court, pay court to.

    (Phrases). To curry favour with; to lay it on thick; to lay it on with a trowel; to lick the dust; to lay the flattering unction to the soul.

    (Adjectives). Flattering, adulatory, mealy - mouthed, smooth, soapy, oily, unctuous, fair-spoken, plausible, servile, sycophantic, fulsome; courtier-like.

  • Detraction (Substantives), obloquy, scurrility, scandal, defamation, aspersion, traducement, slander, calumny, backbiting, criticism, slating, personality, evil-speaking.
  • Libel, lampoon, skit, sarcasm.

    (Verbs). To detract, criticise, asperse, depreciate, cheapen, blow upon, bespatter, blacken, denigrate, defame, brand, malign, backbite, libel, slate, lampoon, traduce, slander, calumniate, run down, write down.

    (Phrases). To speak ill of one behind one's back; to "damn with faint praise."

    (Adjectives). Detracting, etc., disparaging, libellous, scurrilous, cynical 932, foul-tongued, foul-mouthed, slanderous, defamatory, calumnious, calumniatory.

  • Flatterer (Substantives), eulogist, encomiast, whitewasher, toady, sycophant, toad-eater, prôneur, touter, claqueur, spaniel, back-scratcher, flunkey, lick-spittle, pick-thank, earwig, hanger - on, courtier, parasite, doer of dirty work, âme damnée, Grœculus esuriens.
  • Detractor (Substantives), disapprover, critic, censor, caviller, carper, frondeur, defamer, backbiter, slanderer, traducer, libeller, calumniator, lampooner, Thersites.
  • Vindication (Substantives), reply, justification, exoneration, exculpation, acquittal, whitewashing.

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