(Adjectives). Approving, etc., commendatory, complimentary, benedictory, laudatory, panegyrical, eulogistic, encomiastic.

    Approved, praised, uncensured, unimpeached, admired, popular, etc., deserving or worthy of praise, etc., praiseworthy, commendable, plausible, meritorious.

    (Phrases). Probatum est; lavish of praise; lost in admiration.

    (Interjections). Well done! bravo! bravissimo! viva! euge! macte virtute! hear, hear!

  • Disapprobation (Substantives), disapproval, blame, censure, obloquy, dispraise, contumely, odium, disesteem, depreciation, detraction, condemnation, ostracism.
  • Reprobation, exprobration, insinuation, animadversion, reflection, stricture, objection, exception, criticism, critique, correction, discommendation.

    Satire, sneer, fling, wipe, gibe, skit, squib, quip, taunt, sarcasm, lampoon, cavil, pasquinade, invective, castigation.

    Remonstrance, reprehension, reproof, admonition, expostulation, reproach, rebuke, reprimand, talking-to.

    Evil speaking, hard words, foul language, sauce, Billingsgate, unparliamentary language.

    Upbraiding, abuse, vituperation, scolding, wigging, dressing, objurgation, jaw, railing, jobation, nagging, reviling, contumely, execration 908.

    A set-down, trimming, slap, snub, frown, scowl, black look.

    A lecture, curtain lecture, diatribe, jeremiad, tirade, philippic; clamour, outcry, hue and cry, hiss, hissing, sibilation.

    A scold, shrew, vixen, Xanthippe; a lampooner.

    (Phrases). A rap on the knuckles; a slap in the face.

    (Verbs). To disapprove, dispraise, find fault with, criticise, glance at, insinuate, cut up, carp at, cavil, point at, peck at, nibble at, object to, take exception to, fronder, animadvert upon, protest against, frown upon, bar.

    To disparage, depreciate, crab, speak ill of, decry, vilify, vilipend, defame, detract (see 934), revile, satirise, smoke, sneer, gibe, lampoon, inveigh against, write down, scalp.

    (Phrases). "To hint a fault and hesitate dislike"; to cry "stinking fish."

    To blame; lay or cast blame upon; to reflect upon; cast a slur upon; to censure; pass censure on; impugn, show up, censure, brand, stigmatise, reprobate, improbate.

    To reprehend, reprimand, admonish, remonstrate, expostulate, reprove, pull up, take up, set down, snub, twit, taunt, reprimand, reproach, load with reproaches, rebuke, come down upon, sit on, pitch into.

    To chide, scold, wig, rate, objurgate, upbraid, vituperate, abuse, call names, exclaim against, jaw, mob, trounce, trim, rail at, nag, nag at, bark at, blackguard, revile, ballyrag, rag, blow up, roast, lecture; castigate, chastise, correct, lash, flay, scalp; to fulminate against, fall foul of.

    To cry out against, cry down, run down, clamour, hiss, hoot; to accuse (see 938), to find guilty, ostracise.

    (Phrases). To set one's face against; to view with dark or jaundiced eyes; to bend or knit the brows; to pick holes in; to pluck a crow with; to have a fling at; to read a lecture; to take to task; to bring to book; to

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