(Phrases). No matter; never mind; n'importe; it matters not; it does not signify; it is of no consequence or importance 643; it cannot be helped; nothing coming amiss; being all the same, or all one to; what's the odds?

  1. Excitation (Substantives) of feeling, excitement, galvanism, stimulation, provocation, calling forth, infection, animation, agitation, perturbation, subjugation, fascination, intoxication, enravishment, unction; a scene, a sensation, a tableau, a shocker.
  2. Repression of feeling, see 826.

    (Verbs). To excite, affect, touch, move, stir, wake, awaken, raise, raise up, evoke, call up, summon up, rake up, rip up.

    To impress, strike, quicken, swell, work upon.

    To warm, kindle, stimulate, whet, animate, hearten, inspire, impassion, inspirit, spirit, provoke, irritate, sting, rouse, work up, hurry on, ginger up, commove.

    To agitate, ruffle, flutter, fluster, flush, shake, thrill, penetrate, pierce, cut; to work oneself up, to simmer, bubble, burble.

    To soften, subdue, overcome, master, overpower, overwhelm, bring under.

    To shock, stagger, stun, astound, electrify, galvanise, give one a shock, petrify.

    To madden, intoxicate, fascinate, transport, ravish, enrapture, enravish, entrance.

    (Phrases). To come home to one's feelings; to make a sensation; to prey on the mind; to give one a turn; to cut to the quick; to go through one; to strike one all of a heap; to make one's blood boil; to lash to a fury; to make one sit up.

    (Adjectives). Excited, affected, etc. (see 825), wrought up, worked up, strung up, bouleversé, lost, éperdu, wild, haggard, feverish, febrile.

    Exciting, etc., impressive, pathetic, sensational, dramatic, warm, glowing, fervid, swelling.

    (Phrases). Being all of a twitter; all of a flutter; ready to sink; the head being turned.

  3. Excess of sensitiveness.
  4. Excitability (Substantives), intolerance, impatience, wincing, disquiet, disquietude, restlessness, fidgets, fidgetiness, fuss, hurry, agitation, flurry, fluster, flutter, irritability 901, hypersensitiveness, hyperèsthesia.

    (Phrase). Noli me tangere.

    Passion, excitement, vehemence, impetuosity, flush, heat, fever, fire, flame, fume, wildness, turbulence, boisterousness, tumult, effervescence, ebullition, boiling, boiling over, whiff, gust, storm, tempest, outbreak, outburst, burst, fit, paroxysm, the blood boiling.

    Fierceness, rage, fury, furor, furore, hysteria, raving, delirium, frenzy, intoxication, fascination, infection, infatuation, fanaticism, Quixotism, la tête montée.

    (Verbs). To be intolerant, etc., not to bear, to bear ill, wince, chafe, fidget, fuss, not to be able to bear, stand, tolerate, etc.

    To break out, fly out, burst out, explode, run riot, boil, boil over, fly off, flare up, fire, take fire, fume, rage, rampage, rave, run mad, run amuck.

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