(Phrases). Make game of; point the finger at; make a fool of; turn into ridicule; to laugh to scorn.

    (Adjectives). Disrespectful, slighting, disparaging, dishonouring, etc., scornful 940, irreverent, supercilious, contumelious, deriding, derisive, derisory.

    Unrespected, unworshipped, unregarded, disregarded.

    (Adverbs). Disrespectfully, cavalierly, etc.

  • Contempt (Substantives), despisal, disdain, scorn, contumely, slight, sneer, spurn, sniff; a byword.
  • Scornfulness, disdainfulness, haughtiness, contemptuousness, superciliousness.

    The state of being despised; despisedness.

    (Phrase). "Spretœ injuria formœ."

    (Verbs). To despise, contemn, scorn, disdain, scout, spurn, look down upon, disregard, slight, make light of, hold cheap, hold in contempt, pooh-pooh, sneeze at, sniff at, whistle at, hoot, flout, kick, trample upon, abandon.

    (Phrases). Not to care a straw, fig, button, etc., for (see 643); to turn up one's nose at; to shrug one's shoulders; to snap one's fingers at; to turn a cold shoulder upon; to laugh to scorn; to take the shine out of; to tread or trample under foot; traiter de haut en bas; to set at naught; to point the finger of scorn at.

    (Adjectives). Contemptuous, disdainful, scornful, contumelious derisive, supercilious, sniffy, sardonic.

    Contemptible, despicable, poor, etc. (see 643), unenvied.

    (Interjections). A fig for! hang it! pish! fudge! pooh-pooh! fiddle-stick! fiddle-de-dee! tush! tut!

  • Approbation (Substantives), approval, approvement, endorsement, esteem, admiration, estimation, good opinion, appreciation, regard, account, popularity, kudos.
  • Commendation, praise, laud, good word; meed or tribute of praise, encomium, eulogium, eulogy, éloge, panegyric, homage.

    Laudation, applause, plaudit, cheer, clap, clapping, clapping of hands, acclamation; pèan, benediction, blessing, benison, hosanna; claque.

    (Phrases). A peal, shout, or chorus of applause; thunders of applause; succès d'estime.

    (Verbs). To approve, think well of, think good or highly of, esteem, appreciate, value, admire, countenance, endorse.

    To commend, speak well of, recommend, praise, laud, belaud, compliment, bepraise, clap, clap hands, applaud, cheer, panegyrise, celebrate, eulogise, cry up, crack up, write up, extol, glorify, magnify, puff, boom, exalt, swell, bless, give a blessing to.

    (Phrases). To sing the praises of; to extol to the skies; to ring with the praises of; to say a good word for; to pat on the back.

    To redound to the honour or praise of; to do credit to.

    To deserve praise, etc., to be praised, etc.

    (Phrases). To win golden opinions; laudari a laudato viro; to bring down the house.

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