A bad joke; une mauvaise plaisanterie.

    A rough diamond, a hoyden, tomboy, slattern, sloven, dowdy, frump, cub, clown, cad, etc. 876; an old fogy.

    Excess of ornament, false ornament, tawdriness, finery, frippery, trickery, tinsel, gewgaw, clinquant.

    (Verb). To be vulgar, etc.

    (Phrase). To smell of the shop.

    (Adjectives). In bad taste, vulgar, coarse, unrefined, gross, heavy, rude, unpolished, homely, homespun, homebred, uncouth, awkward, gauche, ungraceful, slovenly, slatternly, dowdy, frumpish, unlicked, ungenteel, impolite, ill-mannered, uncivil, tactless, underbred, ungentlemanly, unladylike, unfeminine, unmaidenly, unseemly, unpresentable, unkempt, uncombed.

    Rustic, countrified, boorish, clownish, barbarous, barbaric, gothic, unclassical, heathenish, outlandish, untamed 876.

    Obsolete, out of fashion, démodé, out of date, unfashionable, antiquated, fossil, old-fashioned, old-world, gone by.

    (Phrase). A back number.

    New-fangled, odd, fantastic, grotesque, see Ridiculous 853, affected, meretricious, extravagant, sensational, monstrous, shocking, horrid revolting.

    Gaudy, tawdry, bedizened, flamboyant, baroque, tricked out, gingerbread, loud, flashy.

    (Adverb). Out of fashion, etc.

  • Fashion (Substantives), ton, tonishness, style, bon ton, mode, vogue.
  • Manners, breeding, politeness, gentility, decorum, bienséance, savoir vivre, punctilio, form, formality, etiquette, custom, demeanour, air, port, carriage, presence.

    Show, equipage, turn-out, etc., see 882.

    The world, the fashionable world, the beau monde, high life, society, town, court, gentility, civilisation, civilised life, see Nobility 875, the élite.

    (Phrase). The height of fashion.

    (Verb). To be fashionable, etc.

    (Adjectives). Fashionable, in fashion, in vogue, à la mode, modish, tony, tonish, stylish, smart, courtly, recherché, genteel, comme il faut, well-bred, well-mannered, polished, gentleman-like, ladylike, well- spoken, civil, presentable, refined, thorough-bred, dégagé, jaunty, swell, swagger, unembarrassed.

    (Phrase.) Having a run.

    (Adverbs). Fashionably, in fashion, etc.

  • Ridiculousness (Substantives), ludicrousness, risibility.
  • Oddness, oddity, whimsicality, comicality, grotesqueness, fancifulness, quaintness, frippery, gawkiness, preposterousness, extravagance, monstrosity, see Absurdity 497.

    Bombast, bathos, fustian, amphigouri, extravaganza.

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