(Adjectives). Ridiculous, absurd, extravagant, outré, monstrous, preposterous.

    Odd, whimsical, quaint, queer, rum, droll, grotesque, fanciful, eccentric, bizarre, strange, out-of-the-way, fantastic, baroque, rococo.

    Laughable, risible, ludicrous, comic, serio-comic, comical, funny, derisive, farcical, burlesque, pour rire, quizzical, bombastic, inflated, stilted.

    Awkward, gawky, lumbering, lumpish, hulking, uncouth, etc.

    (Phrase). As whimsical as a dancing bear.

  • Fop (Substantives), dandy, exquisite, coxcomb, beau, macaroni, blade, blood, jemmy, buck, spark, swell, toff, masher, dude, nut, dog, popinjay, puppy, maître, jackanapes, jack-a-dandy, man-milliner, man about town, chappie.
  • Affectation (Substantives), mannerism, pretension, airs, frills, side, conceit, foppery, affectedness, preciosity, charlatanism, quackery, foppishness, pedantry, teratology, acting a part, pose, gush.
  • Prudery, Grundyism, demureness, coquetry, minauderie, sentimentality, lackadaisicalness, stiffness, formality, buckram.

    Pedant, precisian, formalist, poseur, mannerist, précieuse ridicule; prude, Mrs. Grundy.

    (Phrases). A lump of affectation; prunes and prism.

    (Verbs). To affect, to give oneself airs, put on side or frills, to simper, mince, to act a part, overact, attitudinise, gush, pose.

    (Adjectives). Affected, conceited, precious, pedantic, pragmatical, priggish, smug, puritanical, prim, prudish, starchy, stiff, formal, demure, goody-goody.

    Foppish, namby-pamby, slip-slop, coxcombical, slipshod, simpering, mincing, niminy-piminy, la-di-da, sentimental, lackadaisical.

    Exaggerated, etc. 549, overacted, overdone, gushing.

  • Ridicule (Substantives), derision, mockery, quiz, banter, irony, persiflage, raillery.
  • Jeer, gibe, quip, taunt, satire, scurrility, scoffing.

    A parody, burlesque, travesty, skit, farce, comedy, tragi-comedy, doggerel, blunder, bull, lapsus linguœ, slip of the tongue, anticlimax.

    Buffoonery, vagary, antic, mummery, tomfoolery, grimace, simagrée, monkey-trick, escapade, prank, gambade, extravaganza, practical joke, booby-trap.

    (Verbs). To ridicule, deride, laugh at 929, laugh down, scoff, mock, jeer, banter, quiz, rally, fleer, flout, rag, rot, guy, roast, taunt, point at, grin at.

    To parody, caricature, burlesque, travesty, take off.

    (Phrases). To raise a smile; to set the table in a roar; "risum teneatis, amici?"

    To turn into ridicule; to play upon; to make merry with; to make a fool of; to make an ass of; to make fun of; to make game of; to make faces at; to make mouths at; to lead one a dance; to run a rig upon; to make an April fool of; to laugh out of court; to pillory.

    To laugh in one's sleeve.

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