(Adjectives). Priced, charged, etc., to the tune of, ad valorem.

    (Phrases). No penny, no paternoster; point d'argent, point de Suisse; no longer pipe, no longer dance.

  • Discount (Substantives), abatement, reduction, deduction, allowance, drawback, poundage, agio, percentage, rebate, set-off, salvage.
  • (Verbs). To discount, bate, abate, rebate, reduce, take off, allow, give, discount, tax.

    (Adjective). Discounting, etc.

    (Adverb). At a discount.

  • Dearness (Substantives), costliness, high price, expensiveness, rise in price, overcharge, surcharge, extravagance, exorbitance.
  • (Verbs). To be dear, etc., to cost much, to come expensive; to overcharge, surcharge, fleece791.

    To pay too much, to pay through the nose.

    (Adjectives). Dear, high, high-priced, expensive, costly, dear-bought, precious, unreasonable, extravagant, exorbitant, steep, stiff.

    (Adverbs). Dear, at great cost, à grands frais.

  • Cheapness (Substantives), low price, bargain, absence of charge, gratuity, etc., peppercorn rent; a dead- head.
  • (Verbs). To be cheap, etc., to cost little, to come down or fall in price, to cut prices.

    (Phrase). To have one's money's worth.

    (Adjectives). Cheap, low, moderate, reasonable, inexpensive, unexpensive, low - priced, worth the money, half-price.

    Gratuitous, gratis, free, for nothing, given away, free of cost, without charge, not charged, untaxed, scot- free, shot-free, expenseless, free of expense, free of all demands, honorary.

    (Phrases). Cheap as dirt; dirt-cheap; dog-cheap; for a mere song; a drug in the market; at cost price; at a reduction.

  • Liberality (Substantives), generosity 942, bounty, munificence, bounteousness, bountifulness, charity, hospitality.
  • (Verbs). To be liberal, etc., spend freely.

    (Phrases). To loosen one's purse - strings; to give carte blanche; to bleed freely.

    (Adjectives). Liberal, free, generous, charitable, hospitable, bountiful, bounteous, handsome, ungrudging, free-handed, open-handed, open - hearted, free-hearted, munificent, princely.


  • Economy (Substantives), frugality, thrift, thriftiness, care, husbandry, good housewifery, retrenchment; savings; a save-all.
  • (Phrase). Cheese-parings and candle-ends.

    (Verbs). To be economical, etc., to save, economise, meet one's expenses, retrench; to lay by, put by, save up, invest, bank, hoard, accumulate.

    (Phrases). To cut one's coat according to one's cloth; to make both ends meet; to provide for a rainy day.

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