Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties

Division I.—Formation of Ideas

Section III.—Materials for Reasoning
  1. Evidence (Substantives) on one side, premises, data, prœcognita, indication 550.
  2. Testimony, testimonial, deposition, declaration, attestation, testification, authority, warrant, warranty, guarantee, surety, handwriting, autograph, signature, endorsement, seal, sigil, signet, superscription, entry, finger- print.

    Voucher, pièce justificative, credential, certificate, deed, indenture, docket, dossier, probate, affidavit, attestation, diploma; admission, concession, allegation, deposition, citation, quotation, reference; admissibility.

    Criterion, test, reagent, touchstone, check, prerogative, fact, argument, shibboleth.

    (Phrases). A case in point; ecce signum; ex pede Herculem; ex ungue leonem.

    A witness, eye-witness, indicator, ear-witness, deponent, telltale, sponsor, special pleader.

    Assumption, presumption, show of reason, postulation, postulate, lemma.

    Reason, proof, see Demonstration 478, circumstantial evidence.

    Ex-parte evidence, one-sided view.

    Secondary evidence, confirmation, corroboration, ratification, support, approval.

    (Verbs). To be evidence, etc., to evince, show, indicate 550, imply, involve, entail, necessitate, argue, admit, allow, concede, homologate, certify, testify, attest, bear testimony, depose, witness, vouch for, sign, seal, set one's hand and seal to, endorse, confirm, ratify, corroborate, support, bear upon, bear out, warrant, guarantee.

    (Phrases). To hold good; hold water; to speak volumes; to speak for itself; tell its own tale.

    To adduce, cite, quote, refer to, appeal to, call, bring forward, produce, bring into court, confront witnesses, collect, bring together, rake up evidence, to make a case, authenticate, substantiate, go bail for.

    To allege, plead, assume, postulate, posit, presume; to beg the question.

    (Adjectives). Showing, etc., indicating, indicative, indicatory, evidential, evidentiary, following, deducible, consequential, collateral, corroborative, confirmatory, good for.

    Postulatory, presumptive.

    Sound, logical, strong, valid, cogent, decisive, persuasive, persuasory, demonstrative, irrefragable, irresistible, etc. 578.

    (Adverbs). According to, witness, admittedly, confessedly, à fortiori, still more, still less, etc., raison de plus, all the more reason for.

  3. Evidence on the other side, on the other hand.
  4. Counter-evidence (Substantives), disproof, contradiction, rejoinder, rebutter, answer 462, weak point, conflicting evidence, see Refutation 479.

    (Phrases). A tu quoque argument; the other side of the shield.

    (Verbs). To countervail, oppose, rebut, check, weaken, invalidate, contradict, contravene.

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