(Phrases). To come to the ears of; to flash on the mind; get scent of; get on the track of.

    To hear, overhear, catch hold of, take in, fish up, drink in, run away with an idea, to make oneself acquainted with, master, read, spell, turn over the leaves, run through, peruse, grind, cram, mug, swot, go to school; to get up a subject; to serve one's time or apprenticeship.

    To be taught, etc.

    (Adjectives). Docile, apt, teachable, persuasible, studious.

  1. Teacher (Substantives), instructor, apostle, master, director, tutor, preceptor, institutor, mentor, adviser, monitor, counsellor, expositor, dry - nurse, coach, crammer, grinder, governor, bear-leader, disciplinarian, martinet, guide, cicerone, pioneer; governess, duenna.
  2. Orator, speaker, mouthpiece 582.

    Professor, lecturer, reader, prèlector, prolocutor, school-master, usher, pedagogue, dominie, moonshee; missionary, propagandist.

  3. Learner (Substantives), scholar, student, disciple, pupil, élève, schoolboy, beginner, tyro (or tiro), abecedarian, novice, neophyte, chela, inceptor, probationer, apprentice, freshman, undergraduate.
  4. (Phrase). Freshwater sailor.

    Proselyte, convert, catechumen, sectator; class, form.

    Pupilage, pupilarity, pupil-ship, apprenticeship, novitiate, leading-strings, matriculation.

    (Phrase). In statu pupillari.

  5. School (Substantives), academy, university, Alma Mater, college, seminary, lyceum, polytechnic, nursery, institute, institution, palèstra, gymnasium, hot-bed, class, propaganda, kinder-garten, crèche.
  6. Horn-book, rudiments, vade-mecum, abecedary, manual, primer, text-book.

    Professorship, lectureship, chair; pulpit, ambo, theatre, amphi-theatre, forum, stage, rostrum, platform, hustings.

    (Adjectives). Scholastic, academic, collegiate.

    (Adverb). Ex cathedra.

  7. Veracity (Substantives), truthfulness, truth, sincerity, frankness, straightforwardness, ingenuousness, candour, honesty, fidelity, openness, unreservedness, bluntness, plainness, plain speaking, plain dealing; simplicity, bonhomie, naïveté, artlessness 703, love of truth.
  8. A plain - dealer, truth - teller, man of his word.

    (Phrase). The Palace of Truth.

    (Verbs). To speak the truth, speak one's mind, open out, think aloud.

    (Phrases). Not to mince the matter; to deal faithfully with; to wear one's heart on one's sleeve.

    (Adjectives). Truthful, true, veracious, sincere, candid, frank, open, outspoken, unreserved, free-spoken, open-hearted, honest, simple, simple-hearted, ingenuous, blunt, plain-spoken, straightforward, straight, fair, fair-minded, single-minded, artless, guileless, pure, natural, unaffected, simple-minded, undisguised, unfeigned, unflattering.

    (Adverbs). Truly, etc. 494, above-board, broadly.

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