Implements of art: pen, pencil, brush, crayon; stump, graver, style, burin; canvas, easel, palette, maul-stick, palette-knife; studio, atelier.

2°. Conventional Means

1. Language generally

  • Language (Substantives), tongue, lingo, vernacular, mother-tongue, native tongue, the genius of a language.
  • Dialect, provincialism, Cockney speech, brogue, patois, patter, slang, argot, broken English, pidgin-English, lingua franca.

    Universal languages: Esperanto, Volapük, Ido.

    Pasigraphy, chirology, dactylology, pantomime, dumb-show, deaf-and-dumb language; linguistics, glossology, dialectology, phonetics.

    Literature, letters, polite literature, belles-lettres, the muses, humanities, the republic of letters, literè humaniores.

    Scholarship 490, scholar 492, writer 593, glossographer.

    (Verbs). To express by words, to couch in terms, to clothe in language.

    (Adjectives). Literary, belletristic, linguistic, dialectal, current, polyglot, pantomimic.

    (Adverbs). In plain terms, in king's English, in common parlance, in household words.

  • Letter (Substantives), alphabet, A B C, abecedary, spelling-book, horn-book, criss-cross-row; character 591, hieroglyph, hieroglyphic; consonant, vowel, diphthong; spelling, orthography, phonetic spelling, misspelling; spelling- bee.
  • Syllable, monosyllable, dissyllable, polysyllable; anagram.

    (Verbs). To spell, spell out.

    (Adjectives). Literal, abecedarian, orthographic.

  • Word (Substantives), term, vocable, monogram, cipher, terminology, etymon.
  • Word similarly pronounced, homonym, homophone, paronym.

    A dictionary, vocabulary, lexicon, index, polyglot, glossary, thesaurus, gradus; lexicography; a lexicographer.

    Derivation, etymology, glossology.

    (Adjectives). Verbal, literal, titular, etymological, terminological.

    Similarly derived, conjugate, paronymous.

    (Adverbs). Nominally, etc., verbatim, word for word, literally, sic, totidem, verbis, ipsissimis verbis, literatim, chapter and verse.

  • Neology (Substantives), neologism, slang, cant, byword, hard word, jaw - breaker, dog-Latin, monkish Latin, loan-word, Gallicism.
  • A pun, play upon words, paronomasia, jeu de mots, calembour, palindrome, conundrum, acrostic, anagram 533.

    Dialect, see 560.

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