No, nay, not, not so, not at all, nohow, nowise, not in the least, not a bit, not a whit, not a jot, by no means, by no manner of means, not for the world, on no account, in no respect.

    (Phrases). Many men, many minds; quot homines, tot sententiœ; tant s'en faut; nullius addictus jurare in verba magistri; il s'en faut bien.

    (Interjections). God forbid! forbid it, heaven! not if I know it! your humble servant! pardon me! I beg your pardon!

  1. Knowledge (Substantives), cognisance, cognition, cognoscence, gnosis, acquaintance, ken, privity, insight, familiarity, comprehension, understanding, recognition; discovery 480, appreciation; knowability.
  2. Intuition, clairvoyance, consciousness, conscience, perception, precognition, light, enlightenment, glimpse, inkling, glimmer, dawn, scent, suspicion; conception, notion, idea 453.

    Self-consciousness, self-knowledge, apperception.

    System or body of knowledge: science, philosophy, pansophy, pandect, doctrine, theory, ètiology, literature, belles-letters, literœ humaniores, the humanities, humanism; ology.

    Erudition, learning, lore, book-learning, bookishness, bibliomania, education, instruction, information, acquisitions, acquirements, accomplishments, proficiency, cultivation, culture; a liberal education, encyclopèdic knowledge, omniscience.

    Elements, rudiments, abecedary 542, cyclopèdia, encyclopèdia, school, etc., academy.

    Depth, extent, profoundness, profundity, stores, etc., solidity, accuracy, etc., of knowledge.

    (Phrases). The march of intellect; the progress, advance, etc., of science; the schoolmaster being abroad.

    (Verbs). To know, be aware of, ken, wot, ween, weet, trow, have, possess, perceive, conceive, apprehend, ideate, understand, comprehend, make out, recognise, be master of, know full well, possess the knowledge of, experience, discern, perceive, see, see through, have in one's head.

    (Phrases). Connaître le dessous des cartes; to know what's what; to know how the wind blows; to know the ropes; to have at one's finger-tips or -ends.

    (Adjectives). Knowing, aware of, etc., cognisant of, acquainted with, privy to, conscious of, no stranger to, au fait, au courant, versed in, up in, up to, alive to, conversant with, proficient in, read in, familiar with.

    (Phrases). Behind the scenes; in the know; at home in; the scales fallen from one's eyes.

    Apprised of, made acquainted with, led into, informed of.

    Undeceived, unbenighted, unbigoted.

    Erudite, instructed, learned, well-read, lettered, literate, educated, cultivated, cultured, knowledgeable, enlightened, well-informed, shrewd, bookish, scholastic, deep-read, clairvoyant; self-taught, well-grounded, well-conned.

    Known, etc., recognised, received, notorious, proverbial, familiar; hackneyed, trite, commonplace; cognoscible, knowable, experiential.

    Extensive, vast, encyclopèdical, monumental, deep, profound, accurate, solid.

    (Adverbs). To one's knowledge, to the best of one's knowledge.

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