(Phrase). To keep up a correspondence.

  • Book (Substantives), writing, work, volume, tome, library, opuscule, tract, manual, pamphlet, chap- book, brochure, enchiridion, circular, publication, part, number, journal, album, periodical, magazine, serial.
  • Writer, author, publicist, scribbler, pamphleteer, essayist, novelist, fabulist, editor 590.

    Book-lover, bibliophile, bibliomaniac.

    Bibliography, incunabula, Aldine, Elzevir, etc.

    Publisher, bookseller, bibliopole, bibliopolist. Paper, bill, sheet, leaf, fly-leaf, page, title-page. Chapter, section, paragraph, passage, clause. (Adjectives). Auctorial, bookish.

  • Description (Substantives), account, statement, report, return, delineation, sketch, representation, narration, narrative, yarn, relation, recital, rehearsal, annals, chronicle, saga, adversaria, journal 551, itinerary, log-book.
  • Historiography; historicity.

    Story, history, memoir, tale, tradition, legend, folk-tale, folk-lore, anecdote, ana, analects 596, fable, fiction, novel, novelette, romance, short story, conte, nouvelle, apologue, parable; word-picture; local colour; historic muse, Clio.

    Biography, necrology, obituary, life, personal narrative, adventures, autobiography, reminiscences.

    A historian, historiographer, narrator, raconteur, annalist, biographer, fabulist, novelist, fictionist, story- teller.

    (Verbs). To describe, state, set forth, sketch, delineate, represent, pourtray, depict, paint, shadow forth, adumbrate.

    To relate, recite, recount, sum up, run over, recapitulate, narrate, chronicle, rehearse, tell, give or render an account of, report, draw up a statement, etc., spin a yarn, unfold a tale, novelise, actualise.

    To take up or handle a subject; to enter into particulars, detail, etc., to particularise, detail, retail, elaborate, write up; to descend to particulars; to come to the point; to Boswellise.

    (Phrases). To plunge in medias res; to fight one's battles over again.

    (Adjectives). Descriptive, graphic, realistic, naturalistic, novelistic, historic, traditional, traditionary, legendary, romantic, anecdotic, Boswellian, described, etc.

  • Dissertation (Substantives), treatise, tract, tractate, thesis, monograph, essay, discourse, article, leading article, leader, leaderette, editorial, feuilleton, criticism, critique, review, memoir, prolusion, disquisition, exposition, exercitation, compilation, sermon, homily, pandect, causerie.
  • (Verbs). To dissert, descant, treat of, discuss, write, compile, touch upon, ventilate, handle a subject, do justice to a subject.

    (Adjectives). Discursive, disquisitional, expository, compiled.

  • Compendium (Substantives), compend, summary, abstract, précis, epitome, aperçcu, digest, sum and substance, compte rendu, procès verbal, draft, exposé, brief, recapitulation, résumé, conspectus, abridgment, abrégé, abbreviation, minute, note, synopsis, argument, plot, syllabus, prodromus, spicilegium, contents, heads, prospectus.
  • Scrap-book, album, note-book, commonplace-book, extracts, text-book, analects, analecta, excerpts, flowers, anthology, collectanea, memorabilia.

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