Having a doubtful meaning, ambiguity (see 475), homonymy.

    Having a false meaning (see 544), suggestio falsi.

    (Verbs). To be equivocal, etc., to have two senses, etc., to equivocate, prevaricate, tergiversate, palter to the understanding, to pun.

    (Adjectives). Equivocal, ambiguous, amphibolous, amphibological, double-tongued, double-edged, left- handed, equivocatory, paltering.

    (Adverb). Over the left.

  1. Metaphor (Substantives), figure, metonymy, trope, catachresis, synecdoche, figure of speech, figurativeness, image, imagery, metalepsis, type 22, symbol, symbolism 550, tropology.
  2. Personification, prosopopœia, allegory, apologue, parable.

    Implication, inference, allusion, adumbration, hidden meaning.

    Allegorist, tropist, symbolist.

    (Verbs). To employ metaphor, etc., to personify, allegorise, adumbrate, shadow forth, imply, understand, apply, allude to.

    (Adjectives). Metaphorical, figurative, catachrestical, typical, tropical, parabolic, allegorical, allusive, symbolic 550, symbolistic, implied, inferential, implicit, understood.

    (Phrases). Where more is meant than meets the ear; façon de parler; in a Pickwickian sense.

  3. Interpretation (Substantives), exegesis, explanation, explication, expounding, exposition, rendition, reddition.
  4. Translation, version, rendering, construction, reading, spelling, restoration, metaphrase, paraphrase.

    Comment, commentary, inference, illustration, exemplification, definition, éclaircissement, elucidation, crib, gloss, glossary, annotation, scholium, marginalia, note, clue, key, side-light, master-key 631, rationale, dénouement, answer 462, object-lesson.

    Palèography, dictionary, glossology, etc. 562, semasiology, oneirocritics, oneirocriticism, hermeneutics.

    (Verbs). To interpret, expound, explain, clear up, construe, translate, render, do into, turn into, transfuse the sense of.

    To read, spell, make out, decipher, decode, unfold, disentangle, elicit the meaning of, make sense of, find the key of, unriddle, unravel, resolve 480, restore.

    To elucidate, illustrate, exemplify, comment upon, define, unfold.

    (Adjectives). Explanatory, expository, explicatory, exegetical, hermeneutic, constructive, inferential.

    Paraphrastic, metaphrastic; literal, plain, simple, strict.

    (Adverbs). That is to say, id est, videlicet, in other words, in plain words, simply, in plain English.

    Literally, verbatim, au pied de la lettre, strictly speaking 494.

  5. Misinterpretation (Substantives), misapprehension, misunderstanding, misacceptation, misconstruction, misspelling, misapplication, catachresis, mistake, cross - reading, cross - purpose.

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