To leave a place, quit, retire, withdraw, go one's way, take wing, flit, entrain, embark, go on board, set sail, put to sea, weigh anchor, slip cable, decamp 671.

    (Phrases). To take leave; bid or take adieu; bid farewell; to say good-bye; make one's exit.

    (Adjectives). Departing, etc., valedictory.

    (Adverbs). Whence, hence, thence.

    (Interjections). Go! begone! get you gone! go along! off with you! avaunt! go thy way! aroynt! away with you! go about your business! be off!

    Farewell! adieu! good-bye! bye! bye-bye! au revoir! fare you well! God bless you! ave atque vale! so long!

  • Motion into.
  • Ingress (Substantives), ingoing, entrance, entry, introgression, admission, admittance, intromission, introduction, insinuation, insertion 300, intrusion, inroad, incursion, influx, irruption, invasion, penetration, interpenetration, infiltration, import, importation, immigration.

    A mouth, door, etc., see Opening 260; an entrant.

    (Verbs). To enter, go into, come into, set foot in, intrude, invade, flow into, pop into, insinuate itself, penetrate, interpenetrate, infiltrate, soak into; to put into, etc., bring in, insert, drive in, run in, wedge in, ram in 300, intromit, introduce, import, smuggle.

    (Phrases). To find one's way into; creep into; worm oneself into; to darken one's door; to open the door to.

    (Adjectives). Ingoing, penetrative, penetrant.

    (Adverb). Inwards.

  • Motion out of.
  • Egress (Substantives), exit, issue, emersion, emergence.

    Exudation, extravasation, transudation 348, leakage, percolation, distillation, oozing, effluence, efflux, effusion, drain, dropping, dripping, dribbling, drip, dribble, drainage, filtering, defluxion, gush, trickling, eruption, outpouring, emanation, aura.

    Export, expatriation, emigration, remigration, repatriation.

    An outlet, vent, spout, flue, chimney, pore, drain, sewer 350.

    (Verbs). To emerge, emanate, issue, go, come, move, pass, pour, flow, etc., out of, pass off, evacuate.

    To transude, exude, leak, percolate, transcolate, strain, distil, drain, ooze, filter, filtrate, dribble, trickle, drizzle, drip, gush, spout, run, flow out, effuse, extravasate, disembogue 348, seep.

    (Adjectives). Dripping, etc., oozy, leaky, trickly, dribbly.

  • Motion into, actively.
  • Reception (Substantives), admission, importation, immission, ingestion, imbibition, absorption, resorption, ingurgitation, inhalation, see Insertion 300.

    Eating, swallowing, deglutition, devouring, gulp, gulping, gorge, gorging, carousal.

    Drinking, potation, sipping, suction, sucking, draught, libation; smoking, snuffing.

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