To fly, be wafted, hover, soar, glide, wing; to flush.

    (Phrases). To take wing; to take flight.

    (Adjectives). Sailing, etc., sea-faring, under way, under sail, on the wing, volant, nautical, aerostatic.

  1. Traveller (Substantives), wayfarer, voyager, itinerant, passenger, tourist, tripper, wanderer, rover, straggler, rambler, bird of passage, gad-about, globe-trotter, vagrant, tramp, vagabond, rolling-stone, nomad, pilgrim, hadji, palmer, runner, courier, pedestrian, peripatetic, emigrant, fugitive.
  2. Rider, horseman, equestrian, cavalier, jockey, postilion, rough-rider, scout, motorist.

    Mercury, Iris, Ariel, comet.

  3. Mariner (Substantives), navigator, seaman, sailor, seafarer, shipman, tar, bluejacket, marine, jolly, boatman, voyageur, ferryman, waterman, longshoreman, crew, oarsman.
  4. An aerial navigator, aeronaut, balloonist, aviator, airman, flying man.

  5. Transference (Substantives), displacement, metathesis, transposition 148, remotion, removal 185, relegation, deportation, extradition, conveyance, draft, carriage, carrying, convection, conduction, export, import.
  6. Transmission, passage, transit, ferry, transport, gestation, portage, porterage, cartage, carting, shovelling, shipment, transhipment, freight, wafture, transportation, transumption, transplantation, translation, shifting, dodging, dispersion 73, traction 285, transfusion.

    (Verbs). To transfer, convey, transmit, transport, carry, bear, carry over, pass forward, remove, etc. 185, transpose, shift, export, import, convey, conduct, convoy, send, relegate, extradite, turn over to, deliver, waft, ship, tranship, ferry over.

    To bring, fetch, reach, draft.

    To load, lade, charge, unload, shovel, ladle, decant, empty, break bulk.

    (Adjectives). Transferred, etc., movable, portable, portative.

    (Adverbs). From hand to hand, in transitu, from pillar to post.

  7. Carrier (Substantives), porter, bearer, coolie, hammal, conveyer, transport-worker, stevedore 690, conductor, locomotive 285.
  8. Beast of burden, cattle, horse, blood-horse, arab, steed, nag, palfrey, galloway, charger, courser, racer, race-horse, hunter, pony, filly, colt, barb, jade, hack, bidet, pad, cob, tit, punch, roadster, goer, pack- horse, draught-horse, cart-horse, post-horse, shelty, bayard, mare, stallion, gelding, gee-gee, stud.

    Ass, donkey, jackass, mule, hinny, sumpter-mule.

    Camel, dromedary, llama, zebra, elephant, carrier-pigeon.

  9. Vehicle (Substantives), conveyance.
  10. Carriage, caravan, van, motor-van, furniture van, pantechnicon, waggon, stage-waggon, railway train, goods train, train, wain, dray, cart, trolley, sledge, sleigh, bob-sleigh, luge, toboggan, truck, tumbril, pontoon, barrow, wheel-barrow, hand-barrow, lorry.

    Equipage, turn-out, carriage, coach, chariot, chaise, phaeton, curricle, tilbury, coupé, whisky, victoria, landau, brougham, clarence, gig, calash, dog-cart, governess-cart, buggy, carriole, jingle, tandem, shandrydan, kibitka, berlin, stage, stage-coach, car, motor-car, touring car, torpedo, landaulette, limousine, side-car, motor-cycle, Pullman car, omnibus, bus, char-à-banc, break, cabriolet, cab, hackney cab, four-wheeler,

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