2°. Consecutive Order
  • Precedence (Substantives), coming before, antecedence, priority, anteriority, antecedency, the pas, the lead.
  • Superiority 33, precession 280.

    (Verbs). To precede, come before, lead, introduce, usher in.

    (Phrases). To have the pas; to take the lead; to get the start; set the fashion; to get before.

    To place before; to prefix, affix, premise, prelude, preface, prologise.

    To prepare 673.

    (Adjectives). Preceding, precedent, antecedent, anterior, prior, previous, before, ahead of, leading.

    Former, foregoing; coming or going before; precursory, pre-cursive, prevenient, preliminary, prefatory, introductory, prelusive, prelusory, proemial, preparatory, preambulatory.

    (Adverbs). In advance, ahead, etc., in front of, before, in the van, see 234.

  • Sequence (Substantives) coming after, consecution, succession, posteriority, secondariness.
  • Runner-up.

    (Phrase). Proxime accessit.

    Continuation, order of succession, successiveness.

    Subordination, inferiority 34.

    Alternation 138.

    (Verbs). To succeed, come after, follow, come next, ensue, come on, tread close upon; to alternate.

    (Phrases). To be in the wake or trail of; to tread on the heels of; to step into the shoes of; to play second fiddle to.

    To place after, to suffix, append.

    Adjectives). Succeeding, coming after, following, subsequent, ensuing, sequent, sequacious, consequent, next; consecutive; alternate 138.

    Latter, posterior.

    (Adverbs). After, subsequently, since, behind, in the wake of, in the train of, at the tail of, in the rear of, see 235.

  • Precursor (Substantives), antecedent, predecessor, forerunner, pioneer, outrider, avant-courier, leader, bell-wether, harbinger.
  • Prelude, preamble, preface, foreword, prologue, avant-propos, protasis, prolusion, preludium, proem, prolepsis, prolegomena, prefix, introduction, note, advertisement, frontispiece, groundwork 673.

    (Adjectives). See 62.

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