Jabber to Jewish


Jabber, v. n. Prate, chatter, prattle, gabble, talk rapidly, talk idly.

Jabber, v. a. Speak rapidly.

Jabber, n. Prate, prattle, gab, chatter, idle talk.

Jabberer, n. Prattler, chatterer, babbler, chatter-box.

Jack-a-dandy, n. Beau, fop, coxcomb, dandy, dandiprat, exquisite, popinjay, macaroni, jackanapes, man of dress, man milliner, vain fellow.

Jack-a-lantern, n. Jack-with-a-lantern, Will-o’-the-wisp, Will-with-the-wisp, ignis fatuus.

Jackanapes, n. [Written also Jackanape.]

    1. Monkey. See Ape.
    2. Beau, fop, dandy. See Jack-a-Dandy.

Jackass, n.

    1. Male ass.
    2. Blockhead, simpleton. See Dunce.

Jack-at-all-trades, Jack-of-all-trades, n. Factotum, doer of all work.

Jackdaw, n. Daw (Corvus monedula).

Jacket, n. Jerkin, short coat.

Jack-ketch, n. Hangman, (public) executioner.

Jack-pudding, n. Buffoon, harlequin, jester, droll, zany, clown, punch, scaramouch, merry-andrew.

Jack-snipe, n. Judcock (Scolopax gallinula).

Jacobin, n.

    1. Dominican, predicant, blackfriar, preaching friar, frère prêcheur.
    2. Member of the Jacobin Club (radical body in the French Revolution of 1789).
    3. Anarchist, red republican, turbulent demagogue.

Jacobinic, Jacobinical, a. Turbulent, revolutionary.

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