Antispasmodic to Appointment

Antispasmodic, a Carminative, good for cramp or spasms.

Antistrophe, n. Counter-song, response.

Antithesis, n. (Rhet.) Contrast, opposition.

Antithetic, Antithetical, a. Contrasted, placed in contrast, strongly or extremely opposed.

Anxiety, n. Solicitude, concern, care, uneasiness, disquiet, disquietude, apprehension, fear, misgiving, foreboding, perplexity, worry, vexation, trouble, pain.

Anxious, a. Solicitous, uneasy, restless, unquiet, apprehensive, greatly concerned. See careful.

Any, a.

    1. A single one (of many), any one.
    2. Some (indefinitely).

Any, ad. Somewhat, at all, in any degree.

Anyhow, ad. In any manner, in any way, in any case.

Apace, ad. Quickly, speedily, swiftly, rapidly, hastily, post-haste, with speed, with quick pace.

Apart, ad.

    1. Separately, aloof, aside, by one’s self, by itself.
    2. Asunder, into two parts, to or in pieces.

Apartment, n. Room, chamber, hall.

Apathetic, a. Unfeeling, passionless, impassible, impassive, stoical, unimpressible, unsusceptible, insensible, senseless, soulless, phlegmatic, dull, obtuse, cold, sluggish, torpid, tame, lukewarm, indifferent, unconcerned, callous, dead, cold-blooded, without sensibility, destitute of feeling.

Apathy, n. Insensibility, impassibility, dispassion, dulness, torpor, hebetude, sluggishness, coldness, phlegm, indifference, unconcern, unfeelingness, stoicism, want of feeling, pococurantism.

Ape, n.

    1. Simian, troglodyte, tailless monkey.
    2. Mimic, servile imitator.
    3. Imitator, imitation, image, type, likeness
    4. Object of contempt, monster of ugliness, object of ridicule, guy.

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